"...Baby I'm hungry - I want and I need - Bring me your sugar - And pour it all over me baby...."

Poker tournaments are just one of the attractions on offer at 888.com. Play bingo or slots, or enjoy a spin of a virtual online roulette wheel.
Thursday, September 28, 2006
its been a rough week...
Just one of those times where you`d rather be doing nothing and life won`t let you... so here`s a catch up:
  • I got my laptop back on Monday and I`ve had a lot of catch up work to do.
  • I`m looking for a new job, and Monster.com sucks ass. Has anyone ever in the history of mankind actually gotten a job off this site??
  • I am down to 3 big dollas on PokerStars... whoop te doo.
  • Anna has swollen tonsils, but no strep. Gotta take her to ENT specialist.
  • My new baby got to come over to Auntie Ts Tuesday for the first time.
  • My new favorite dinner to cook is Buffalo Chicken Wraps (minus the buffalo for kids.. if they have been good that day).
  • The devil (aka mother in law) sent us a $50 bill for our anniversary. Of course a full page, typed, guilt ridden letter was enclosed.
  • I checked into online universities, those biotches want $29k for an associates degree!! Are they NUTS?!
  • I really want this recruiting assistant job I applied for, I would recruit web designers, so I could hook up Hrbek too.
  • I ordered a foam mattress topper with a down cover from overstock.com. The foam shipped first and I still haven`t gotten it. GG US postal service.
  • I pinched my Sciatic Nerve when I picked up Anna yesterday... YEOOOWCH.
  • I feel much older than I am.
  • I`m definitely going to Indy, all roadblocks have been toppled (I called on the spirit of Chuck Norris for that).
  • I get my "New Every Two" from Verizon on 10/27 woooot!
  • My new poker table top from vegaspokerpro.com came in really fast. It`s pretty cool, but it is not black like the picture showed.
  • Poker is a great learning tool for kids, and I`m not being sarcastic. We got Anna playing last night and she was counting out chips, identifying colors, waiting for her turn, all great things for a kid her age.
  • Weiner dogs really look cute when they are snuggled down in a dog bed that looks like a hotdog bun.
  • If any more important things happen, I`ll letcha know.


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some people have all the fun...
The pay per post team stormed the Today show this morning to do some Guerilla Marketing.

It`s a pretty funny little clip. I tell ya, some people have all the luck, dont they?!?! I wish I had a job like that. Talk about getting paid to blog, I wanna get paid to go to New York and be a doofus.



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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
good stuff...
I can`t believe I`m just now seeing this today! My lefty blog writers have let me down!

Anyhow, I was reading the polenblog today, and he suggested reading this blog where I found the following... as usual Keith Olberman does not disappoint.


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Sunday, September 24, 2006
life`s simple pleasures...
There are a few things I enjoy in life. Small every day things. One being my morning coffee coupled with my surfing time. One of my favorite places to visit while sipping on a cup o joe is Sam`s Club Auctions. Not because I`m going to necessarily buy anything, but who knows when I`ll need a 1000 watt flashlight or a skid of shop towels, when I do, I will know what a good deal is! (Of course, I am exaggerating the uselessness of their auctions, they have great deals on lots of things you need for the home.) Anyhow, I went this morning and what do I see???A later time?!?! But that makes my morning pointless!! Don`t you understand?! It`s a package people! Don`t they know I had to work for this moment in time?? I had to go out and GET coffee, as yet again, the coffee maker did not feel obligated to A) get coffee when HE knew we were out or B) let me know we needed coffee. The worst part is, after Sam having his part of ruining my morning, I have to go shop there this afternoon, cause well, IM OUT OF COFFEE.

On the good side of things, Anna came down with a really high fever last night and I`m happy to say after a night of TLC she is back to normal. Her "mouth" still hurts, which is actually her tonsils, but we can work with that. The 105 temp is just skeery and I`d rather not deal with it. But this A.M. she is cool and I am happy.

I was told by one of my loyal readers that they read my blog to find out what kind of shampoo to use for his flaky scalp. That`s when I realized that I hadn`t ever posted about the best shampoo in the world. It`s a little secret so I`ll share. I have a really itchy scalp, in fact if I don`t take care of it, or let my hair get too long it can do really gross things, but I won`t get into that. The point is that I`ve used everything, from dandruff shampoos, tar shampoos, medication like scalpicin and THE BEST THING IS TEA TREE OIL SHAMPOO. Tea Tree has all kinds of healing and anti microbacterial properties and helps, dry, itchy or just dandruff ridden heads. If you try it you will thank me. Even if nothing is wrong with your head and you have oily hair or anything like that. The stuff RAWKS. It`s a bit pricey, the link above to Sally Beauty is the best deal I`ve found on it, $9.49 for 33oz, but it is well worth it. And, I am cheap!!

Ok, what else... I can`t forget one more reminder of the big tournament tonight!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Be there or be square.


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Saturday, September 23, 2006
it`s bamalam...


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all in the family...
I went to see my niece, Harper, last night. She is only 3 weeks old and getting so big, its really amazing. She can hold her head up and reach her hand out and all the new baby look is gone.

Anyhow, my brother and I were playing with her and getting some pictures when she did something that made me so proud. I mean, if you could picture my 3 week old niece, what would you picture?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Thought so. I love my Harper Lea.


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joe navarro...
Here`s the question...

Would you want to go to this? If so, would you pay ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS to go?

Following his huge success and acclaim lecturing at CAMP HELLMUTH, world renowned expert Joe Navarro, a 25 year veteran of the FBI, will instruct you in the most advanced and proven methods for observing and decoding poker tells. This is an intense, fast moving seminar, similarily designed to how federal agents are trained. All attendants will receive Joe's new book written in cooperation with Poker Champion PHIL HELLMUTH. This is a unique learning opportunity aimed at multiplying your chances of succeeding at the poker table.
When: November 19, 2006 Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
Price $999.00

Welcome to Navarro Poker



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Friday, September 22, 2006
Pokerslut Tour...
Mark your calendars... it`s the beginning of a saga...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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speak softly and carry a big bag...
Today at the thrift store I found two brand new Croft and Barrow leather purses for FIVE DOLLA!
I`ve always had a thing for purses, and although I have never owned Designer Handbags (well other than a Coach) if I were loaded I`d have issues.

What kind of issues you ask? This kind.

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tis friday...

I kept Maya home from school today. Not for any reason in particular, other than Maya rawks and I thought she deserved a day off. Maya is such a great kid, I mean don`t get me wrong, she can be a monster at times. But, mostly she is my little helper, and she has to take on more responsibility than I should put on her at times. So, today is her treat. We are gonna hit the Thrift Stores and go Halloween shopping.

I usually make their outfits, and last year I wanted to make a Black Widow outfit for Maya, but she wanted to be a Witch. Pry, cause she would get to wear a dress. But, I have convinced her to go with the spider outfit. After I said "tight black pants" I knew I had her!!

So, my idea is this, black leggins, black turtle neck, two pair of black tights. I`ll cut off the legs of the tights and stuff them, then sew them onto her clothes. Take fishing string and tie it from her arms so when she lifts up her arms she has 4 "legs" on each side (one real arm, one leg and two fake spider legs). Then I`ll get a little piece of red felt to cut out the black widow shape and sew it to the front of her shirt. Then she will get to wear some kewl black make up and all that jazzy stuff.

Friday Random Ten:

1. I build this garden for us - Lenny Kravitz
2. Gone Daddy Gone - Violent Femmes
3. Talk Dirty to Me - Poison
4. My Wave - Soundgarden
5. Silence - Sarah Maclachlan
6. Wake me when September Ends - Green Day
7. Words I Couldn`t Say - Rascal Flatts
8. Shiver - Maroon 5
9. Human Being - GNR
10. Break on Through - The Doors

Fav Song out of these is Silence by SM. Fav Album is Green Day`s American Idiot... masterpiece. Least Fav would have to be Rascal Flatts.


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don`t forget...
If you wanna be a pay per postie and start to make money blogging (like Cat did) DON`T FORGET to use me as a referral. Cause you know I`m hard up like that.

I get FI DOLLA if you use teebtobb@gmail.com as your referral! That`s FIVE one dolla turneys for me. And, I know you all like to support my poker habit, considering the calls you give me... so just consider this another way to give me free money.

It`s a pretty cool referral program, and I`ve notice there is A LOT of poker content now. They want you to review different poker sites n such. Which for me, is fun, and now it will be productive too!


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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
poker? i hardly even know her!
So I deposited on Poker Stars this weekend. After all, I did win my WSOP seat there, I should pry donate to the pool at some point. One good thing for anyone that has been thinking of depositing there, they are running a 100% sign up bouns up to $50. And after googling a bit it seems that Poker Stars doesn`t usually do this. So, from the first of September to December 31st you can get this. The promo code is FirstSep2006, and it is also listed on their website.

Anyhow the hubabaloo was that there were super soft HORSE and RAZZ games on the site, since these are new to the site and people aren`t exactly sure how to play them. Well, I tried RAZZ first, and was among my poker peers. Very few fish. But I`m told this was a freak accident. So, I`ll try again at some point and let you know.

The HORSE ring however I found to be VERY soft. The first table I sat at I was sitting with "felicialee" who is also a poker blogger/player. Of course I wasn`t totally sure it was her, anyone could have used that nick, but when I hovered over her nick for location info it said, "No chat, sorry" so I am assuming it really was her. I ran her and everyone else at this table over by simply playing premo starting hands. It was very different since there was no blind pressure.

They also have $3 sngs as opposed to the $1 sngs on FTP. But unlike the FTP sngs I have yet to win one. I did come in 3rd in a HOSE last night that I entered on accident and thought I was sure to get pummeled in since I usually accumulate chips during the RAZZ round. One thing of note tho, these $3 sngs are ALL TURBO. Ya, HORSE turbo style.. quite interesting.

One last thing... this site has A HELLALOT of Omaha 8 tables. WOW starting at ONE CENT TWO CENT. I had no idea. They are always full and always running. I`ve been sitting at .10/.20 tables with $4 and doubling it up no problem. I`ll keep moving up as I go, and get used to the software.

All this being said, I`m still losing on this site. It is because of the sngs I`ve played and not monied in. I am down about $20 from my initial deposit. So, I do well at sngs on FTP and better in ring on PS, this could be a happy relationship!


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damn elitists...
Some people think payperposting sucks. They are mad cause they don`t want other people getting paid to blog like they do. And, I think these people are weenies. Like this guy for instance...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And just for the record weenie... microsoft sucks a big one.

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it never did make it...
Off the tip o me tongue. Sorry bout that. Looks like RamSack will just have to suffer (see comments on right).

Although I did learn something new yesterday!! As good as it sounds, don`t attempt making your own buffalo shrimp at home. Specially if you have to defrost, shell and devein the 80 itty bitty shrimp you only paid $3.60 a bag for. And if you`re making a yummy salad with egg, bacon, cucumber and all that yummy stuff, it is even harder and could take two hours (or more) to prepare and you could end up in a very bad mood.

That is my lil tip for the day "Don`t make buffalo shrimp at home!"

Catching up with old friends is awesome. I installed Trillian last week after using AIM to chat with you poker degenerates, and I revived my old ICQ number that I hadn`t used in pry 6 years or more. It has been interesting seeing the names pop up!!

One is an old friend I met when I was 18 or 19 down in Daytona Beach Florida on spring break. Two weird Canadian guys that I eneded up staying friends with and visiting in Montreal... boy were those the times!!! Back when I was HAWT and got called "The Drunk American Girl". Oh, how things have changed. Anyhow, I`ve linked Vince on my blogroll now! He is an old man now too, with a beautiful baby boy Evan, that looks just like him! He is married and living in Nova Scotia (I always say that like I`m from Minnesota) near Lillian too!

Man I dunno if I shoulda shared that info, Vince has some serious blackmail stories about me.... uhoh.

I`ve gotten to catch up with alot of my old Aussie friends as well. Not being 18 anymore is WEIRD.


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i wanna be estelle...
If I could have a dream job it would definitely involve travelling and getting paid for it. I`ve always had the travel bug, maybe just the "IM 18!!" monster inside of me still trying to get as far away from home as possible... who knows.

It`s funny to me how many cool sites I find on my payperpost.com site. In fact when I stumble thru I actually get cross hits on the two. Things I told stumble I am interested in and then they show up on payperpost.com as a paid post!

This one caught my eye on stumble because of her trip to... the one, the only Topanga, California. When I saw that it made me stop and take a closer look at the rest of the site. Her name is Estelle, and she travels all over the US and the rest of the world. She makes videos and podcasts (150,000 subscribers btw, tell the circuit to eat her dust) and even has a TV show that is aired on over 800 stations around the world.

Anyhow, the point is that if you`re looking to travel or just a dreamer like me, you can check out her website and see all these different destinations. But then, that`s just my kind of thing.

As I was searching around it looks like she has a series on Central America. She was invited to the Grand Opening of the Playa Bonita Resort in Panama and has a great series her site about it.
I have travelled to many places, but never anywhere in Central America, which along with Africa are two places I`d love to go.
Picture Right: Estelle at Grand Opening

I was snooping around and it looks like she is really involved in the Panamanian culture. She even got to interview the Prime Minister of Tourism, Reuben Blades, which in Panama is a big deal!

Left: Estelle with Prime Minister of Tourism, Reuben Blades.

Talk about a charmed life!! I mean can you imagine waking up to scenes like this and getting paid for it??

Above: One of the many fantastic views visitors can enjoy from the Gamoboa Rainforest Resort

Estelle says, Panama is the "ultimate paradise for lifestyle and business and that "Playa Bonita" and the "Gamboa Rainforest Resort" are some of her favorite places to stay when visiting the country" (yes that would be a plug me thinks).
But then if I really was Estelle and was considered to be "a significant contributor to the discovery and image of the small Central American country of Panama. Because of Estelle's work in Panama, over 300 million people around the world will discover the country, its dynamic culture, thriving business sector and ecological diversity." I`d pry plug too... pry.


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Monday, September 18, 2006
some CDs should be burnt...
We went to my sister`s Friday night. After picking up both kids, running a couple errands (bank, gas etc.) and getting out to my sister`s and back we are pry in the car for almost 2 hours. My brother and I got to talkin about some movies from when we were kids and how they just don`t make em like they used to:

Karate Kid (ONE of coz)
Ferris Bueller
Pretty N Pink
16 Candles
Breakfast Club
Weird Science

and so many more....

So, naturally today, when I went into the CD drawer (something that rarely happens in the age of ipod) I pulled this out..

This was also my first LIVE concert, with Don Dokken and Poison. And, they are still hawt.

OH YA BAYBEEE, I know you want more... I can remember singing this one with all my little dork friends at summer camp.


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Sunday, September 17, 2006
on the tip of my tongue...
I have something really important to say today...

and my brain isn`t functioning quite yet.

So, you must wait.
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Saturday, September 16, 2006
memory lane...
I stumbled across a site today that took me waaay back down memory lane. I used to have one of these, named Bud, fittingly. Bud met an evil demise when I had to pack up my '89 Nissan Sentra with all of my belongings and drive home. I knew he had been killed when I woke up the next day and all my belongings had found their way into the house, minus Bud.

I think everyone needs a Hookah at one time in their life. And Sly, they make good gifts too. What says "I LOVE YOU" more than a 14" piece of Hookah Heaven, that you can set up and smoke where-ever you go??? Not much says I.

I mean it even looks romantic!! Like a big heart shaped I LOVE YOU.

Damn, I`m good.


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why, why, why...
Why is it that sometimes when you wake up in the morning everything hurts? I thought that was only supposed to happen to old people, you know, like Sly.

Why is it EVERY time Anna has to go #2 she can`t just go, she has to say "Mommy, I have to go poo poo" over and over and over again until she knows you have acknowledged her. And after you DO acknowledge it she says "AND I need you to wipe me". EVERY TIME.

Why did I deposit money on a diff poker site to get $100 bouns and end up $49 down?? (omg that was poker hell btw)

Why is it that when I installed Trillian and looked at Arays name it showed a picture of me??
Why is it no one comments on my blog anymore?? You little shits where all gabby when I was in the WSOP, but now I`m just back to nobody status. I see how you are.

Who knows. Strange things happen.

I`m excited for today, we are putting up halloween decorations in the yard. Nothing major, I`m not the weird lady with the semi-haunted house or anything, just enough for the kids to have fun with it. I love Halloween. When I was a kid I wasn`t allowed to celebrate it, as it is Satan`s holiday and all. Now, I`ve given into the dark side and let Satan run my life. Makes it more fun that way.

I did get to "trick or treat" once. We went to our neighbors house with paper sacks on our heads and got a piece of caramel. I hate caramels.

ALL IN or FOLD is tonight.. don`t forget!! 9pm EST pw luckbox on FTP.


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Friday, September 15, 2006
more VoIP news...
I have been doing a lot of research on the VoIP thing. I found another site from Vonage that explains more about VoIP. They even have a forum where you can ask questions and find out what people think of it.

I thought it was a neat site and liked the way they had it laid out. Of course it is a Vonage site but I thought it still had a lot of useful information.


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Thursday, September 14, 2006
bite me...

So, last week I had a great poker week...

This week, not so much.

Oh and the Interpoker bonus thing.. it is really hard.. I don`t suggest it.

I` m tired, I`m mad and I hate money.

One good thing, I googled "bite me" and this is what I got. People are freaks. Who knew.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
all your questions answered... even dan`s....
So I was reading this thread on the forum I frequent, there was some confusion as to what exactly VoIP is.

VoIP for Dan

I have even considered switching over for the savings. I have had issues in the past because I require a fax line. But this site explains alot of things I didn`t know you could do with VoIP, including business solutions.

Anyhow, it is sounding good, even though I already get free long distance in the states. I have quite a few friends in Canadia that I dont keep in touch with nearly enough, and it would be great to make random calls to them when ever I feel froggy. It`s especially fun to put the kids on the phone and let THEM make the random calls... ahhh I love making canadians hate me.

So, check it out if you have questions or are wondering how much you or your business can save with VoIP.

The internet is a beautiful thing, especially when it saves me MONEY!!

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did you do it yet?
Did you call your Senator yesterday? I did.

Did you do the William Hill bonus? I did.

Don`t be original.. follow my lead.

And here`s a funny lil vid for you... this is part 1 of 3 but if you click it and go to youtube you will the see the other links.
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an alternative...
I like poker promos. They are a good thing. I found an alternative to PSO that so many of us have used. This site also offers Poker Tracker, free gift cards, chip sets, poker tables and the like, it is called VegasPokerPro.

No matter where you go and where you look .. THERE`S POKER!! This site also had links to poker blogs, tournament feeds and even a forum. OH LA LA! Poker book reviews, strategy and articles and a list of poker home games. Even a special section just for dimmy!!

I did see an interpoker bonus, I think I shall see if I can use that along with the $100 monthly bonus interpoker offers.

I even see a league offering. It`s kinda like forum turny but its called a Pro League, and it looks like it is being offered on poker.com. If you have any dough on poker.com it looks like the league events have added money which is always nice.

And of course, for the pokerslut in all of us, freerolls. They are all avaliable to VPP members, kinda like online poker tour.

Ok guys had to come back and edit this post because I actually used this site. When I was doing my William Hill bonus some of the guys at the table said, "You gotta check out the Interpoker bonus next, you get 100% bonus up to $100 every month if you deposit $100". And I also saw that Interpoker was one of the affiliate sites on VegasPokerPro. So I went back today and did the bonus thru VegasPokerPro and I will still get the $100 from Interpoker!

At first I was going to choose the free gift card as my promotional gift. But once I got to the end (after signing up on Interpoker and then entering my info on VegasPokerPro) it showed me a differnt choice for the poker table top... I have never liked the hexagon green one you see all the time, besides , my table is too big for it. But, check this out!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I thought this one was pretty cool. so I got it!


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Sunday, September 10, 2006
a day late...
Sorry, Austin.. we were thinking about you yesterday and got busy. My old brain forgot to upload Anna and Mayas happy birthday video!!!


Look at this kid bowl!!

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Saturday, September 09, 2006
it`s all in the details...
So, yesterday at my sister`s house my brother in law was wondering what this payperpost.com thing is all about, and why/how exactly I get paid for blogging. So, pay attention all, this is a ONE TIME EXPLANATION!!

I was blog surfing one day and came across a ppp blogger. I went to the site payperpost.com. I registered, picking a username and password and registering my blog. I clicked a link on their page called "open opportunities" to see what I could blog about. I saw a ton of things that I would blog about anyway. For instance, my dish network post. That was all a true story, and if took the dish opportunity and sent in my link, I would get paid for it. After you register your blog, they give you all the details.

So then, you start blogging. I have been able to pick things either A) I already have stories about or B) I`m interested in anyways, like the photography forum, and the live poker tv... all posts I got paid for.

Last but not least.... you get paid. Your post has to be up for 30 days, so you get paid 30 days after it is approved.The money goes straight into your paypal account, you enter that info when you sign up for it. You can keep an eye on how much you`ve earned on your ppp page. So, far I have earned $119.53. After this post it will be $129.53, cause they are paying me $10 for this post as well!!

Since I originally registered, I have found a ton of cool sites as well. Right now, I am about to do an opportunity where a scientific store sends me a product to review for free. I am hoping to get a telescope. They pay $10 to review the product in a blog post, then you get to keep the item for FREE! How cool is that?!

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i know you`re dying to know...
So, I`ll tell ya my weekend plans.

Friday was a good day. I met up with an old friend Heather for breakfast at the Cracker Barrell. Heather and I became friends in the 6th grade, we`ve come a long way baybeeee. It was a good visit, but it reminded me of how old we are getting. Married with kids and houses and all that responsible stuff, and she is in the middle of a divorce or separation (not sure how it will turn out yet). I sat there listening to her and was thinking, 'wow wasn`t it like yesterday we were at her brothers house, drunk off our asses, singing David Allen Coe till 5am?? wtf happened?'. Then I realized, nothing much has changed, it is the same old high school stuff, with bigger consequences.

Then we headed over to my sister`s house for Heather to see the new baby. She stayed for about an hour then had to go do errands. I hung out there waiting for the kids to get out of school. I got to drive the new Hybrid Camry, ya know the one I kept being reminded that "It was the only one sold to anyone in their area". Scott is so funny. We took a trip to the mall to get Bette new nursing bras. 4 new bras for bette: $64 on sale at JCPenny, bra shopping with brother in law: priceless.

Today we are heading to the Greek Festival, more re-visiting my youth for the weekend. When I was younger the Greek Festival was a yearly under age drinking spree. Those are always fun. Luckily they have started to make it more family friendly, and they have an entire area dedicated to kids. Not to mention, the DANCING!! It is always a good time. Me, I just go for the Gyro`s, it`s like a Greek cheeseburger afterall.

I have to be home by 4pm to play in a turney tho, I mean I do have my priorities straight.

I`ll see you all then!
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Friday, September 08, 2006
i wanna be on tv...
So, the payperpost.com people put a challenge out to all the PPP bloggers to come up with a 30 second commercial. I had alot of ideas that I couldn`t get the kids to cooperate with, and I`ll be honest, I went with the easy one, I mean come on, we all know I like lazy.

So, I thought, this is supposed to be aimed at bloggers just like me. Bloggers that should be using their blog`s to advertise, and there is ONE thing I could think of that we all see everytime we go to post on our blog.

So this is it...

I don`t think it uploaded very well, and my source file is much better quality. But hey, I`m really not that picky.

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talk to the hand...
Congrats team, we took down yet another forum challenge.

Thanks to Sax for keeping with a great turney, despite the "unanticipated" kinks unfolding.

As usual, I had a great time hanging with friends and playing some poker.
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Thursday, September 07, 2006
i`ve been bamboozled!!
So I was checking out this website pokeronmac.com because I thought it might have something to do with playing poker from a Macintosh. I have a few friends that use Mac and are always asking about it. My sister in law started using the FTP version on Mac and likes it.

So, I went to the site and clicked the poker link to see what was out there where I find a link to Pacific Poker... wait a minute Pacific poker has a mac version?!? Didn`t make sense, so I clicked the link and it took me to 888.com/Pacific Poker. Hmm that`s weird, so I go back to the site to see what else I can find when I realize... the entire site is a bunch of ads and affliate links. It has NOTHING to do with playing poker on a mac. RIGGED. There goes another 5 minutes of my life.

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let`s play a little game...
I love it when my kids ask "Can I put this tape on my mouth?". `Cause then I can say, "Ya!! That`s a REALLY FUN game!" I think next time I`m gonna show em how fun the 'GET TIED UP' game is, or my favorite when I was a kid 'LOCKED IN THE CLOSET'.

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I think my weiner dog needs to see a Doggy Psychiatrist. Today he hopped up on the coffee table and took a nap, with a perfectly good dog bed 6 feet away.

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Other than that my day was really uneventful. I did play some poker, placed 2nd in a turbo $6 sng and 6th in a tier 1. I was disappointed in the tier 1, but I made a bad call then lost a hand I was ahead in... c`est la vie. I did get a nap today so I`ll pry play more later!!

My kids made a friend in the neighborhood, her name is Stephanie and she looks about 12 or 13 but has a little brother who is 5 yrs. The girls like Stephanie better, and I think Stephanie likes being looked up to. So, it works out.

My sister is getting a new Hybrid Camry today. *totally jealous* But she is getting rid of the JEEP!!! CRAZY WOMAN!! We shoulda just traded my mini van for her Jeep, but I don`t think she woulda went for that. The Jeep I will miss as I did get to partake of the Jeep fun while on vacations and things. Good bye fun Jeep, you will be missed. Damn kids.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006
it be so purdy...
I stumbled across a really great photography site today called Photography Corner.

I don`t know what it is, but images fascinate me. You should check out some of their contest winners if you are just a voyeur. But if this is something that interests you they have a forum where you can talk about simple picture taking and camera reviews or more in depth things like Corel and Photoshop techniques.

My favorite part so far are the articles and tutorials. If you browse thru these you will find some really helpful info. The Kodak P850 I bought has alot of functions I am not familiar with and I have already found 3 tutorials that explain in terms I can understand how to do it, for instance channel mixing for black and white photos. Or the Photoshop CS2 I got for my birthday, here is a simple explanation of mask techniques. *evil snicker* I have photos of soo ooo ooo many of you. This is gonna be fun.

So I joined up today and I am gonna submit some of my favorite photos for the contests as soon as I get them off of my external drive I had to back everything up on.

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i should have married an html geek...

Ok, so I need some help. I can usually (I use the term" usually" lightly) spend hours figuring out how to fix something in my template, but this one has me baffled.

It`s my sidebar titles on your right. You will notice if you scroll down to "links you should visit" and "blogs i read" and everything under those there is a little red flame denoting the title. But if you scroll back up to "what is this place" and the sidebar titles directly under, the little flame thingy is way over to the left in my posts

Evidently I was wrong, no need to marry a man for him to be any good.

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degenerates... all of you...
I`m tired of feeling left out of the gambling degenerates I hang around online with. I`m tired of cowering in shame that I don`t know the over/under on what teams sucks the worst this year. I`m tired of seeing "free money" offers from Rawl and having no idea how to take advantage of them because I am sports betting illiterate.

And well, I`m just plain tired too, so I stumbled across a website that explains it all to me! It tells you how to bet, what it means, what you can bet on (which is pretty much anything), how much you can bet and where to go to bet (although the last part I don`t usually need help with).

The Gambling Guide even has a poker tutorial that even Steeler could understand. Maybe he will finally realize the ACTUAL strength of his flush draw!! Or, he can just wing it and continue to take farmers money. They must be cotton farmers is all I can say.

Now, who wants to float me for a grand?? Any takers??

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my token poker post...
I mean someone has to do it, right?

I haven`t been playing too awful much, as you can tell or I`d be talking about it. I placed 26th in a RAZZ mtt the other night and got a whopping $0 for my efforts until 1am. I have been liking the RAZZ lately, it seems to be a game with less variance, but as usual I suck at ring games. I still haven`t figured out what the difference is for me in ring games opposed to tournaments, other than it must be mental. I feel tourneys take more concentration, playing the players kind of thing. But I really donut know.

The dolla whoring is still fun. I won another HORSE sng last night(altho last week I ruined my record by busting out 8th) and I actually had a player pissed off at me!! ME!! Can you believe it?! And I rarely say ANYTHING to players, but this guy was getting soooo lucky, and hey, it was a dolla turney, so I went for it.

WELL CRAPOLA. I was gonna have all kinds of fun by posting some HH but it looks like my desktop isn`t set up to save them. SIGH. Well there goes that post. B ut if anyone is looking for a good time his nick was... justcountry

Anyhow, I ended up beating that guy HU in stud8 and scooped him for all his chips. It was fun.

Afterwards I finally got to get in a pro-chat with Perry Friedman. He was very vague and wasn`t a good answerer er er. vv/e.

In other news, I recieved another pix msg on my phone from J. He took a trip to PetCo last night. I think he has a strange fascination with birds. My last pix msg was of a cock (the feathered kind). Although, it was a very nice cock.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
i once had a boss named...
I once had a boss named Jeff
Who, at one point I thought was deaf.

All day he sits on his computer
Like he is staring at a pair of hooters

While I get frantic and fret like a chef.

Despite my hard work
He still thinks me a clerk! That Jerk!

If he wants to improve
He best start to bust a move

Or I`m likely to quit doing his work.

Maybe if he said "thank you"
And gave me the credit I`m due

If only that computer
had a program where he could enter

All the great things I do.
Employee Appraisals and Reviews

Although the names in this post have not been changed, they are most likely based on ficitional characters... or not.

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woe is me...
Oh the pains of life, my laptop is gone.

I had to ship it off today to ProSys, the people contracted with Aflac to fix our computers under warranty. Yesterday, I unplugged the adapter, sat down on the deck and WHAMMO my display started scrolling and flickering. I re started and it came back up at first, then the flickering started again. Re started, again, and it all went to hell. I thought it was the graphics card at first, but after plugging it into another monitor I realized it is probably just a short in the wiring to the display, because it worked on the other monitor.

So now, it is off into no mans land. I spent most of my day backing up my data, since the first thing ProSys does is wipe my system out and re image the drives.

Luckily I can gank the husbands work laptop and connect remotely into the desktop for some of the time, but still, it is a sad sad day.
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Monday, September 04, 2006
do you digg it?
I recently did a post about how I make money blogging. And thru stumbling around I have come to find that this is big news in the blogger world. And in my humble opinion, I like anything that gets "the man" riled up for a few days.

See if you dig it. I think one should be able to dig what they choose to, but maybe that`s just my libertarian point of view. Just another small step into the digital world. Word of mouth has been the best advertising since the beginning of time, the mouth has just turned into a person with a keyboard and a blog is all.

Not to mention this digg site is really damn cool.

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Steve Irwin, beter known as "The Crocodile Hunter" died today. I find it strange that he was killed by a peaceful fish, almost in a freak accident.

I have no fear of losing my life if I have to save a koala or a crocodile or a kangaroo or a snake, mate, I will save it.

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i... just....can`t....stop...posting...
I dunno what`s wrong with me, I just feel like sharing lately.

So, the slut and I were watching this Poker TVthe other day, and we liked it!! We thought streaming pron was good, but streaming poker, is like, better. I mean whodathunkit?

Evidently they play alot of different things, like cover turneys, and play instructional pro videos etc. When I was watching it was an online mtt and althougth I thought it`d be lame, it was rather interesting getting to see all the hole cards.

It was kinda like being a ninja penguin.

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the creed...
I have mentioned my girls school before. It is an excellent school and has been #1 in our county for 3 years. All students are required to memorize The Creed by Marva N. Collins. Although it is long and takes awhile for them to learn at first, the kids do really well with it. Maya is on her 3rd year with it, so she is a real pro, but it is Anna`s first year and I just love watching her learn it.

Joe DESPISES it. I am not completely sure why, other than he despises anything that makes sense to me. He says it is because "It has words they don`t understand". But I see it as one of those things you knew as a kid and never understood. Then one day it hits, and you get it. I love those days.

So, here it is, you be the judge...

The Creed
by Marva N. Collins

Society will draw a circle that shuts me out, but my superior thoughts will draw me in.

I was born to win, if I do not spend too much time trying to fail.

I can become a citizen of the world, if I do not spend too many energies attempting to become a local.

I will ignore the tags and names given me by society, since only I know what I have the ability to become.

I will continue to let society predict, but only I can determine what I will, can, or cannot do.

Failure is just as easy to combat as success is to obtain.

Education is painful and not gained by playing games, but I have seen failure destroy millions with promised hopes and broken dreams.

While I have the opportunity, I shall not sit on the sideline bitter with despair and wish later that I had become a literate lifter of this world instead of a failing leaner.

I will use each day to the fullest. I promise that each day shall be gained, not lost, used, not thrown away. Yet it is my privilege to destroy myself if that is what I choose to do.

I have a right to fail, but I do not have the right to take my teacher and other people with me. God made me the captain of only one life... my own.

Therefore, if I decide to become a failure, it is my right.

We were all promised a pursuit of happiness, and that is what I must do, pursue happiness and success for myself. No one will give it to me on a proverbial platter, and no one will care as much about me as I must care about myself. I must be willing to accept the consequences for that failure and I must never think that those who have chosen to work while I played, rested and slept will share their bounties with me.

I will wave proudly my flag signifying that I am a failure by choice, but I will never envy those who have selected to wave their unfurled banners announcing their success.

can destroy, no enemy can My success and my education can be a companion which no misfortune can depress, no crimealienate. No envy, or names can hurt me.

Education and success can be a lifetime solace. They guide goodness, they give, at once, grace and genius to governments, communities, cities, townships, villages, homes and palaces.

Without education, what is a man? A splendid slave, a savage, a beast wandering from here to there believing whatever he is told.

God is not some cosmic bellboy who comes at my beck and call. If I want to achieve, the first step must be my own undertaking. Likewise, if I want to fail, that too, is my own choice.

I can either be hesitant or courageous... life does indeed maroon the hesitant and inspire the brave. I can swiftly stand up and shout: "This is my time and place, I will accept the challenge!" or I will let others make my decisions for me.

The Creed pwns.
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a wise woman once said...
...If you are what you eat, then I`m fast, cheap and easy.

I don`t think anyones enjoys getting something for less than it`s worth quite as much as I do, well `cept maybe Sheila. That woman can get a bargain!!

Anyhow, this one almost made me pee my pants, and even though I`m exaggerating, it is just that good. You go to this site and you can choose from: coupons, coupon codes, promo codes, % off deals, etc.. Ya, that`s right, IT GIVES YOU THE COUPON CODES TO ENTER AT ONLINE CHECK OUT!

Click it, you know you want to. You can thank me later.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006
baby update...
Harper is doing fabulous! She is eating well and having lots of wet and icky diapers (which is good and big news in baby world). She is even sleeping really well for a new born.

And, of course she is absolutely beautiful. My first born, Maya, looks alot like my sister, so it isnt surprising how much Harper looks like my babies. I went over today and put supper in the crock pot for them. Harper had just eaten so Bette went upstairs for a rest and I got to be alone with her for a little bit. She has the most beautiful eyes, and she just sits and stares at you when you talk to her. Babies are babies for such a short time, I am trying to enjoy it.

Anyhow, here is the good stuff .. PICTURES!

Harper the day she came home!

Isn`t my sister a BEAUTIFUL mommy?!?!
Scott was so proud of his stork. Course now he gets free food and gifts from the entire neighborhood. GG Scott. And of course one of my girls at the park on our bike ride today. Anna had just said "I think that`s a chocolate river".
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