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Thursday, July 27, 2006
Made ya look!
Funny story, I woke this morning thinking to myself 'ok this wsop stuff is going way too smoothly, Im leaving today and nothing has gone wrong, I bet we get a storm and the Ferry sinks and I cant get across to the mainland, or we sink in the Erie, or my car breaks down'. But no, its a cruel world and I made it home in one piece. I was even ready and at the airport on time, checked in on time and headed to my gate.

Ya the airport did a number on me today. Flight delayed, you can still get there, wait no, wait you can get on this other flight, oh fuck it, youre not going anywhere.

GG tornados in Chicago.

So Im back home, due to leave Dayton at 5am, arrive in Vegas at 9:10am, connecting in Denver.
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