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Sunday, August 06, 2006
Sorry I wasnt able to post the rest of my trip sooner, but after I busted paying $10.99 a day for internet that SUCKED didnt sound as fun as when I was still in... go figure.

I got a great nights sleep prior to Tuesday, slept about ten hours, but I woke up exhausted. Dave went out the night before without me and he didnt come with me to the Rio. I got on the bus and called my kids and husband. I started bawling. Was a tough day for me. I got myself together when I arrived at the Rio, had some breakfast talked to a few players, called Sheila on the phone to calm me down a bit and headed in.

All the players hadnt arrived yet, so I got out my note pad to make notes of exact chip counts, identified the weaker stacks. I was fortunate to have a run of them at the table being they were in seats 8,9,10 and 1.
This is what my notes look like :

*seat 1 14k
seat 2 33k
seat 3 26k
seat 4 (me) 4k
*seat 5 7k (cardplayer was right she, i read his handwriting wrong)
seat 6 40k
seat 7 54k
*seat 8 21k
*seat 9 18k
*seat 10 17k

The short stack on my left made things a bit tougher for me, he was moving in too so I had to pick my spots a little more carefully. I started out UTG +1, almost the worst position I could get. And heres how it went...

First hand UTG +1.. JTo... UTG PUSHED IN!! wtf?!

UTG A4o folded (lots of action came after I was glad I did)

BB Q4o .. SS utg pushed in.. i folded

SB 75o .. folded to raise

Button T4o.. folded to raise

CO ATs!!! There was a raiser and a re raiser so I folded it.. grrr

A8h.. again too much action ahead of me so I folded board came ThJc4c6s2c

Q8o .. utg raiser, i folded

2850 chips

Jeff Madsen made his first raise at the table, I had JQo and laid it down flop came Kd8c 5c

67o, I pushed in on weak stacked blinds

Q2o.. raiser and caller .. i fold

4Js utg.. blah

J9o bb.. i wanted to play this, put a ? next to it on my notes cause I folded to a raiser who was pry only raising cause it was my BB

Junk in sb.. utg raiser

65o otb 3050 chips

A50 -- GRRRRR more action! bah
QJd-- pushed in!!!

then i was moved tables... all the guys looked at me and one says "you dont wanna sit there, its the seat of death" oh great

I sat down UTG +1 and got dealt 740

Next hand I get 66 UTG and push in, announcing I was breaking the curse of my seat!! Two seats to my left pushes in to isolate and I thought "OH FUCK!" But he only had ATs and I was pretty pleased..

Flop JJ7
Turn T

and Im done.

I had told Joe on the phone that morning that I really wanted to get some strong Aces to push with, as I felt I would get called by weak ones. I just didnt get them. I was gonna be in the BB next hand and I wanted a race, I just didnt win it.

Of course I was dissapointed, but somewhat relieved as well. I did get a bit teary, but not because of the poker, I was tired, exhausted and missing home. I made the necessary phone calls from the ladies restroom.

Later that day I realized how lucky I was just to be there, and thats enough for me... for now anyhow :)
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  • At 10:33 AM, Anonymous am

    Welcome home -- you did great. You can actually say that you did something that less than 1% of the entire world will every do -- play in the World Series of Poker Main Event.

    Been there and done that and got the T-shirt!

  • At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Zerbet

    What a great experience, and what a fantastic story you will be able to bore the crap out of your grandchildren with!