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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
I survived....
So I was ready at 10am, just as I had hoped, even though I woke up about an hour later than I had planned. I already told Sheila that I probably wouldn`t be leaving till 10:30 though because of my late wake up call, but it turned into being a late departure due to clothes that hadn`t been put in the dryer. Altho, when I realized they hadn`t been, I started them at 8:30am and they STILL weren`t done because of a certain dryer starter forgetters jeans keeping all the clothes wet. I finallly was able to make myself presentable (wearing clothing) at about 10 to 11. I still had yet to hit the ATM (need babysitter and poker cash) drop Carson off at my Dad`s, and get gas. After I drop off Carson I realize I had left the girls snack, fresh strawberries, and a few of my last minute items on my kitchen island, back to the house. ATM went smoothly, I had money. GAS was up .20 from yesterday, I swear, I`ll drive down to the cheap gas stations...YES $2.45!!! I`ll hit the one closest to the highway, they all have the same prices, uh or not $2.79, U TURN... filled up with gas and I`m on my way.

The girls have snacks, drinks and have been potty, we should be able to make it past Indy before we have to stop. WRONG AGAIN! "Mommy I have to PEEEE" "Mommy, I`m HUUUUUNGRY" sigh... stop one down. We don`t pull into Indy till around lunch time so I look at my directions '70w to 65n towards Chicago' cool I`ll take the outer belt to avoid traffic. Ipods rule on trips with kids by the way. I think I woulda been loony after 4 cartoon movies by the time we got there, well, loonier anyhow. I drive a bit on the outer belt and check out my directions again to see about how far to 65n. '70w to 65n towards Chicago.......... take the FIRST EXIT OFF 65......' oh great, I`m brilliant. A few exits down on the outer belt I see an exit for the street I was supposed to be on. I was to take Meridian (rt31) to 16th st. I saw an exit for 31 and took it, I was at 96th st. 45 minutes later I find myself in line with the directions and when I finally get to my next highway I see the outerbelt ran right into it. Brilliant I tell you, IM BRILLIANT! 'Mommy I HAVE TO PEEEEEE, Cant we get a SNAAAAACK'......

6 hours later I`m pulling into suburbia. Amidst the cornfileds and strip malls I find sod, landscaping, sprinklers, kids playing in the road and Mini Vans... lots of Mini Vans, I must be here. I pull up to the cookie cutter mailbox that says 704 and I`m greeted by Martha Stewart who has a home cooked meal... Oh, wait, this is SHEILAS......I`m greeted by a cute little 7yr old in hip sunglasses, and we head out for BW3s after the husband gets home from work, which is shortly after we arrive. We all play poker with the kids on the handheld TV screen games there. Now THATS more like it!! Altho, we did all fit in a mini van to get there.

We are up pretty late, after 1am CENTRAL time so even later on my clock. And of course the kids being excited to get their day started get up at SIX am!! Now I see why Sheila put me in the basement 'pitter patter pitter patter down the stairs, one, two, three, four LETS WAKE UP TEEEE'. And the kids are off, everytime we want to do something we have to wrangle them up from somewhere in the neighborhood with new scrapes on knees or elbows from having so much fun.

We get the errands ran, just like home, Sams club run n such and when we get back I go to put Anna down for a nap cause she hadn`t had one the day before in the car. The plan was to get her down and then head up to the kitchen to help Shelia get ready for her Stepford Wives party, damn I mean Tastefully Simple party later that evening. I was asleep before Anna was. But I awoke to the smell of fresh baked bread and other fixins all done without my help.. suhweeeeet!

The stepford wives were scheduled to start my assimilation at 7pm and I had no idea how many times I would be asked " OOOOH so YOU`RE the girl Sheila met ONLINE eh?????" "Yeah, but I left my AXE in the trunk so no worries" GG for making Sangria Sheila, gg. (credit Bill for AXE funny)

My kids had their first experience with a BABYSITTER that night too. I need to get me one of those, they loved it. Saturday was the day of the big game! But not before I was given the Suburbian Saturday run around. I have to say, despite all my jokes (not that they are funny), all the moms were very sweet and gracious. They all opened their homes and yards to my kids and myself and made us feel very welcome.

Maya had already made a new "BFF" named Morgan and her mom had invited us over to play for the day at their house. But then we got a phone call from Amy, the house with a POOL and she invited us over as well, while at the same time Christine (whos backyard adjoins with Sheilas) was setting up kiddie pools and sprinkers for everyone to play in. A cunundrum indeed. So first I head back to Christines with Anna, and before I know it there are 7 little giggling people running around having a ball. Sheila solved one of the problems by getting Amy to invite Susan to the pool too! So after an hour or so we headed over there. And by there I mean the house with a Pool, a Hot Tub as big as my living room, 4 wheelers, scooters, trampoline, playground and sandbox. Yeah, my girls were in heaven.

Then it is time for showers and a POKER GAME!Scoot2 (Scott) and RedHawt (Steve) showed up for the game and we had a fun time making fun of Sheila and her FOUR COLOR DECK. "I have two green cards!!!" Talk about an acid flashback, I can`t even play with those things online, imagine the discombobulation of having them DEALT to you LIVE!!

We had 9 people for the first game, I mean debachle. The effers made NO showing in this first game and got ran over by the newbies playing and raising with the "any two can win" philosophy. I think we all tried to mix it up a bit and it just didn`t work. I was the first out of the 4 of us (only fitting) and Scott made a HUGE comeback only to get busted shortly after, gg Scott. I`m sure he`s used to that tho when KHAN is at the table!!

The second game was hella fun, it was the four of us, Scotts wife and one of Sheila`s neighbors who plays alot of poker. We actually had some serious poker being played here. And go figure the Zooks took it down. The ho bag got AA TWICE in final 3 against KJ both times to win it. I think it was the lucky charms deck, RIGGED. As for hand analysis, I`ll leave that up to ZOOKS, we all know I don`t like to analyze when I lose. NTTAWWT.
From left: Scoot, Redhawt, Im the tall thin one w long dark hair and Sheila is the plump one on the end :)

Scott and his wife were great people, just like all the effers I`ve had the priviledge of meeting. It was a pleasure and hope to do it again sometime! It was also good to meet Steve. He is also a bowling buddy of Sheila`s so I get to here about his zooks pwning on a regular basis and it was nice to meet you as well!

Sunday we finally got to sleep in a bit and relax most of the day. Sheila and I even got to play some ONLINE POKER that day!! Was very fun. That night two neighbors came over for a Euchre game and a little more of the "Aren`t you at all scared to have people you met ONLINE at your house??" speech. But this time we had a little fun with it! "Sheila met me on neutral ground first, and I promised to take my meds while I was here".

Monday was departure day so I got the mini van packed and we went to Bob Evans for breakfast, said our good byes and off we went. My trip home only took 4.5 hours, the kids fell asleep this time.

Was a GREAT time She Z. I don`t think my kids have had that much fun in awhile and I hope we get to do it again soon. Thanks for your graciousness and not so Martha Stewarty hospitality, cause I wouldn`t want it any other way, you`re a great friend.


ok, not really but was a nice effect dontchathink?
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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Jesus of Suburbia....

The girls and I are off for a little trip to Illinois tomorrow. We are going to visit SHEILA! (zooks for all you poker players) For the usual 'we don`t get out much' hell of a good time! And I`m just glad cause I wont have to hear every morning "Moooooommmmy, are we going to Shweeelas today???" from Anna. Anna thinks Sheila looks like a Barbie doll, so I suppose she thinks we are going to Barbie`s dreamhouse or something, boy is she gonna be disappointed. *evil snicker* Maya is just waiting to see Sheila`s oldest son. The girl is SEVEN and we had to fight over what to pack cause she wants to look 'cute' the whole time. SIIIIIGH.
I got the house caught up today, along with the fish tank cleaned, laundry done and the car cleaned out so it`s suitable for my entry to the SUBURBS! I have to look somewhat respectable after all. Don`t worry, I won`t let it change me.

So anyhow, will miss you all (not very much) and I am leaving you with a little gem, something that makes me happy because I want you to be happy too.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
OMGWTF I got a trophy!

I`ve never gotten a trophy before... so don`t make fun now. Be NICE!!!
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Monday, June 19, 2006
I`ve said it once, I`ll say it again...
The Daily Show is by far the best show out there. Thursday last week was a stellar show and I finally tracked down this clip, just in case any of you missed it!

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Sunday, June 18, 2006
Poker Stars Blogger Tournament...
I went out 17th. AGH. I did however win an entry into a $350 buy in tournament where they give away 150 seats to the WSOP main event! Ill post a few hand histories when they come thru.
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Friday, June 16, 2006
Friday Random Ten...
I love this random ten thing... no thought necessary. Ive got my coffee, Im on the deck, Anna is playing in kiddie pool... LETS ROLL.

1. Fade to Black - Metallica -Ride The Lightning
2. Burden in my Head - Soundgarden - Down on the Upside
3. WHAT THE ... ARE WE SAYING - Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule
4. Secret - Maroon5 - Songs About Jane
5. X-Static - Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters
6. Breakdown - Tom Petty - Greatest Hits
7. Get Up Stand Up - Bob Marley - Legend
8. Bebe Le Strange - Heart - Greatest Hits
9. Sheryl Crow - Strong Enough - Live Albulm
10. One Tree Hill - U2 - Joshua Tree

Favorite song - Strong Enough by Sheryl Crow

Least Favorite song - X-Static

Best Albulm- tough one but Ill have to stick with Sheryl

And btw, I have no idea how to spell Albulm.. i could google it, but im lazy.
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Thursday, June 15, 2006
Blogger tournament...
Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 8812384

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Just for Lynn...
I will try my best to do you proud!!

The issue of gun control is like a married couple fighting over a pair of shoes left in the middle of the floor, there are bigger problems in that relationship making the shoes become a HUGE issue at the time.

The age old battle of "Guns dont kill people, people kill people" VS " But if the guns weren`t there in the first place the people wouldnt kill people" debate, which to be honest, neither make a whole lot of sense as good solid arguements. The problem with "gun control" is that any laws that are put in place to make a firearm harder to get would only restrict law abiding citizens from buying them at a moments notice. Its the criminals who will always have fast access to guns. OK so the real problem is the criminals. So, who are these people? Why are they resorting to violence and crime? THATS the real issue... an issue that will never be dealt with.

Why you ask??? What a great question!!! Im so glad you asked!! Because typically, the people that are drawn to a lifestyle of crime are the ones that WE have forgotten about. The people that were raised in homes of violence, poverty, neglect and drug use where they were never taught to want better. Wherever they go they are looked down upon and they are not represented in society except as "loafers" of our governments resources. They aren`t given a good education, health care or opportunities that my children will take for granted. No one believes in them.... where would you be if you had no one urging you on, supporting you, being there when you fall, and picking you back up when you do? With no hope or knowledge of anything different or better they turn the only place they know, to crime. And why not? No one gives a damn about them till they affect their tax dollars and break into their homes or steal their cars. And saddest of all, because when they KILL they are most likely killing each other.

The American Dream moved north to Canada long ago, where no matter who you are or what family you were born into you have an education at all levels and health care guaranteed to you. This gives a person HOPE lets them know they are a part of something greater and they matter in a bigger scheme of things and don`t need to resort to crime, there is another way.

If it was possible to get rid of all guns Id be for it. But thats not reality. They are shipped in, manufactured, stolen and re sold faster than anyone could possibly try to keep track of, so regulation does little at this point. A person has the right to be able to defend themselves and their families against a criminal who has access to these firearms. Cycle of fear. And guns in homes means guns in the hands of children. But we can just tell our kids not to touch guns, right?

Sure why not, especially if you`re living in the fantasy world that thinks guns are the issue here. Study after study after study after study shows that most parents aren`t locking up their guns and even when they do the kids know how to get them out cause they know where the keys are. EVEN that education programs cause MORE curiousity and the kids that are taught gun safety are MORE LIKELY to use a gun. Oh the irony.

I see the ads for seatbelts when I`m out driving, saying if I wear my seatbelt my kids will. I teach my kids not to play with guns by not having one. Set an example. They do what we do. Pretty elementary. I live in a city on the most dangerous lists, yet I dont live in fear, I leave my doors unlocked and my kids play outside. Maybe one day we will figure it out in spite of ourselves.

So whats the answer?? Lobbying for our imaginary constitutional right to bear arms isnt the answer and banning guns isnt the answer, so what are we left with? How about putting the money and resources into teaching our society how to give a damn about someone other than themselves. That ought to be an interesting ad campaign.



My mom graduated from nursing school last week! So proud of her. She has a job offer from Mayas school to be the Director of Nursing Services there.

I got my bedroom clean. I mean baseboards, closets cleaned out, furniture moved around all that jazz.

I actually finished ALL my laundry this weekend. I have 4 more loads to do now.

Maya has been at a day camp this week. She tells me she LOVES it and still whines about getting up in the morning and me making her wear gym shoes there instead of strapy sandals... GIRLS!

Had a birthday party on Saturday at friends house... had a great time.

Came in 3rd in poker turney last night after my 75o in the BB conquered KQ.

Joes looking for a new job... hes in IT.. we are willing to relocate!!! Keep yer eyes out!
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
busy busy busy...
Ill try to keep up, but the blog may suffer over the summer. My days have been overflowing with family, cleaning, yardwork, house fixing and work I get paid for on top of it.

But it is a good thing, the winter always causes things to slowly fall outta place and things are getting back in order.
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Ya I might sound stupid, but if youre stupid too you wont notice...
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Bad Blogger, BAD!!
Well, I knew it had been a few days since my last blog entry, but not until I found a kind nudge this morning in my email did I realize how long... so sorry. My last week was either frightfully uneventful or overly busy, Im too confused to know which. I havent even been keeping up with my blog reading, so if you see a lot of comments from me the next few days on your blogs you know why!


Tuesday the devil left so I was busy dancing/working. Wednesday I had to GASP work for 7 hours and I was exhausted after. Thursday and Friday are pretty much a blur after Saturday when we cleaned up that tree. Im still sore. Sunday was the regular yardwork, weeds, planting, mowing n such. And Monday....

June 5th was Mayas Birthday! Maya turned 7 yrs old yesterday. We spent the day at Kings Island to celebrate and theres nothing better to tell you how old/out of shape you are than a long day at an amusement park. The very same amusement park you went to daily during the summers when you were 16 and 17 and never tired. Riding the very same roller coasters you used to ride over and over and now when you walked off of them you felt sick.

I was 21 when I became pregnant with Maya. I wasnt married, she wasnt planned and I was a long way away from home, in Australia. I was at the peak of my fly by night partying days (hence being in Australia) I was scared to death and flew straight home after being told pregnancy was unappealing by a certain cute boy with a good accent.

Soon, as most life lessons do, I found the worst time of my life turning somehow into the best time. Maya saved me from myself. She completely changed my life and not just in the obvious ways. I had always been a big partier since I was about 16, lots of alcohol and weed smokin in my high school/college days. When I was 20 I started dabbling in more drugs and had started the subsequent downward spiral. So theres no telling where I would be right now had my little accident not come into my life.

Shes my oldest so I probably depend on her way too much. She carries alot of responsibility in our house by helping mom. What I love most about Maya is her individuality. Sometimes we butt heads because of it, but its my goal to not stomp that out in my parenting because shes perfect just the way she is. She is a born leader (which is teacher speak for saying she likes to boss people around) caring, attentive to others needs and mean as a taz when she wants to be, but I cant wait to watch her grow up and see what she will become.

Happy Birthday Maya Opal
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