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Thursday, August 28, 2008
so much to say...
I feel all backed up...

I had all sorts of fun things to blog about on Tuesday and had decided that as soon as I finished my ESRT (I know, just go with me here) I would start writing - when...

*enter the annoying noise from space odyssey 2000- beep beep*

Ya, it was just like that POOF goes the power in the building that supports all the websites for an international company that knows all sorts of things about you that you pry don't want them to know, pry.

So, what did we do? We talked! Heaven forbid... we dispersed from our cubiciles (I'm aware I spelled that incorrectly, work with me here) and actually talked to each other. Reality brought me back to my cubicile when I realized I can only talk about free ps3 games, Star Wars and open source software for so long - and decided it was time to do some house cleaning.

Look how purdy...

Anyhow, that became mundane after awhile and I decided it was time to go across the street to the mall. Unfortunately, it would be inappropriate to post any pictures of what I purchased there... but I can tell you I got a Chick-Fil-A sammich with a Diet Dr. Pepper and it was DELICIOUS!

The next day when I came to work I had this in my email... I found it rather humorous, and if you don't, let it rest in your little brain for a bit until you get it.


Tuesday was also Maya's first day of 4th grade.

FOURTH GRADE, bitches.

Jeebus I'm old. I swear it seems like yesterday I was in the 4th grade, with short permed hair, crooked teeth, and the keenest fashion sense around. (obv) I didn't get to see her off on the bus, and I'm still waiting for Uncle Scott to supply those photos (hint,hint), but I did get to wake her up by singing goofy, made-up songs that made her laugh and say "STOP IT MOM - YOU'RE SUCH A DORK", right on, mission completed.

I was a little worried about what she would pick out to wear cause shes been on this "fancy yet tacky" kick lately (she takes after momz), but she did good, looked adorable.


Check this out... I find it HILARIOUS and I can't help but call him Dr. Balsy (Ball-zee)

Why can't I find a doctor like this?


How about dem dems? For any of you who may have missed it (and I haven't watched JB's speech yet) this speech is a must watch, and my favorite speech of the DNC so far - and from a Buckeye no less. Michelle's was OK, I didn't agree that it rivaled Barack's speech at the last DNC, but she did look pretty hot in that green dress... go get 'em Michelle.


Speaking of buckeyes... do you know what Saturday is???

Hang on Sloopy, hang on.


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  • At 9:46 AM, Blogger Hrbek

    my kid's backed up, too. mineral oil and metamucil ftw.