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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Photo of the day...

Since the girls are home today, I let them choose.....

This is another Ireland photo. We went riding at these Equestrian stables (Im not sure what that means, but thats what they said they were and I feel smart saying Equestrian). I believe we were in Kilkenny here.
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I`m such a push over...........................
But look at these adorable little things! Wouldn`t you be??

Today started hearing my alarm go off, which of course I quickly decided to turn off and ignore. I can do that because I have 4 back up alarms, Anna`s crying, Maya`s whining, Joe`s banging around when he does ANYTHING and Buddy`s barking to be let back in the house. So after two of my back ups go off, I decided to pull myself out of bed. I actually felt pretty good after a great nights sleep that I needed desperately. (I`ve had this nasty cold/flu/strep throat thing going on for the last week and it`s getting OLD).

As I stumble out of my room I hear Anna saying "NOOOOOOOOO I don`t wanna get uuup!*cry cry whine*". Now, Anna is 2 years old, and it is quite unusual for her not to want to jump up and start pissing off the world ASAP, so this is usually a sign of her not feeling well.

I carry on to the main part of the house where Maya has started on her breakfast and Joe is ironing his work clothes (although they never seem to actually be ironed, he does it every morning). I lean down to kiss Maya good morning and realize she is looking as rough as I do when I wake up! But I haven`t had my coffee yet so my brain isn`t functioning. *pours self coffee*

Maya finished eating, got dressed, I brushed her teeth (this is a new thing that I`m starting to do, she has brushed her own for a long time now, but I think she is getting lazy and not doing it right, so it`s back to the drawing board), and as I finished the tears came to her eyes. "What`s the matter baby?", I asked. "Anna`s gonna get to stay home isn`t she?", "Well I don`t think she is feeling well Maya.", and then Maya replies in the sweetest voice showing me the saddest eyes everrrrrr "But I wanna stay home WITH YOU too.". Now Ms Maya is no dummy, and no stranger to manipulation, being a 6 year old female. But even me, the evil mother than I am, can fall prey to such wiles.

So, as we speak, I am sitting on the couch, listening to Peter Pan in the background on the television and when I look down towards my feet, I see two beautiful little ladies bundled up together at the end of the couch... and somehow life is good.
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Monday, January 30, 2006
m ` kay
I love poker. Even when I lose, I love poker. Because you NEVER know what is about to happen and this one, well I think this may have been a first for me. And this guy needs to buy a book on pot odds......

Full Tilt Poker Game #411222590: Table Count Diero - $0.10/$0.25 - No Limit Hold'em - 11:17:20 ET - 2006/01/30
Seat 1: mainstreetdog ($10)
Seat 2: Rowdy316 ($24.35)
Seat 3: khanwoman ($24.25)
Seat 4: APipeDream ($11.30)
Seat 5: vigster013 ($6.85)
Seat 6: PueblosRebel ($4.90)
Seat 7: CailtyssRulien ($23.65)
Seat 8: Fin77 ($9.75), is sitting out
Seat 9: mm94 ($7)
khanwoman posts the small blind of $0.10
APipeDream posts the big blind of $0.25
mm94 posts $0.25
mainstreetdog posts $0.25
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to khanwoman [Jh Jd]
vigster013 folds
PueblosRebel raises to $0.50
CailtyssRulien folds
mm94 folds
mainstreetdog folds
Rowdy316 folds
khanwoman raises to $1.50
APipeDream folds
PueblosRebel raises to $2.50
khanwoman calls $1 <<---- ok so far, he min raised, i re raised, he RE raised.. i called ......
*** FLOP *** [Qh 6s Js]
khanwoman bets $2
PueblosRebel calls $2 <-- he only has $2.40

*** TURN *** [Qh 6s Js] [7h]
khanwoman bets $0.40<<--- this is ALL he has left
PueblosRebel folds<<--- he just folded to a .40 bet into a $9 pot????????????????????????????????
Uncalled bet of $0.40 returned to khanwoman
PueblosRebel adds $10
khanwoman mucks khanwoman wins the pot ($9.30)
CailtyssRulien: !
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $9.75 Rake $0.45
Board: [Qh 6s Js 7h]
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I just cant stop myself....


still in Ireland on this one, right outside the Kings Castle.
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Scenic Photos....

Blarney Castle in Ireland

Dublin, Ireland outside of Glen Da loch a monestery.

View from the top of Blarney Castle in Ireland.

An early sunrise photo in Hilton Head, SC.

Sunrise in HIlton Head, SC.

Sunrise in the Smokies.

The lake our good friends Noble and Sheila live on in Ontario, CA.
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Ok, here are quite a few of my favorite People Pics. Those of you that know me know that I love Photography, and here are a few of my favorites that come to mind.
Joe and Anna in the Smokies.

Anna on the beach at Hilton Head, SC.

Maya on the beach at Hilton Head, SC.

Maya on one of our Canada trips.

My brother Dave and Maya on the beach at Hilton Head, SC. We got up early and saw a sunrise.

my FAVORITE photo, my mom (Patty) and Anna when she was 1 month old in our back yard.

Maya Opal in our big snow storm last year

Anna Mae in all her glory
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Sunday, January 29, 2006
Right now....
Right now, Im sitting in my house, In my recliner covered up with a blanket and laptop on my lap. But the amazing thing is... Im alone (well except for Buddy snoring on the floor, hes sprawled out where the sun is coming thru the window).

No, tv noise, no kids noise, no husband noise... just the sound of my fish tank...(and Buddy snoring)

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Taking the good with the bad....
I have to admit, the past month or so I have had a great run. So good, I realized I need to start keeping track of things when it comes to poker. My bankroll is at an all time high, even tho I have made some withdrawals for Live poker playing. Back in May of '05 i deposited $50 and yes, I am one of those annoying people that have never re-deposited. Since then my BR has fluttered from anywhere between $320 to $10. This week my BR sits at $500. OK woohoo GREAT. Why do I feel like Im not winning?

1. One of my big goals for myself this month was to get in the 200k guarantee tournament. I have been playing the Tier 1 sngs regularly and winning consistently. But for some reason, when I get in the 200k satellite, i bomb. I dont mean things just go bad, I BOMB. I go out early, play my hands wrong, and just outright dont play good poker.

2. At the same time, the past month, I have been playing some of the best poker I have EVER played. My game, my personal style mixed with knowledge, is on target. This is the ONLY reason my BR is in good shape right now.

So, I suppose I have been frustrated because altho I am playing well and getting results, Im not getting the results I wanted.

Ya, I know boohooo.......


Yesterday I had my first losing session in over a month.
1. I fooled around at a Razz cash table with J (TheHugeGuy) -$10 buy in
2. I played at the FTF pre AIOF and wasnt paying attn -$10 buy in
3. I paid AIOF bounty -$5
4. I played after AIOF at FTF table lost two buy ins -$20

The fourth item on the list was the most frustrating. Im not sure what happened, well actually I am sure what happened, I played AWFUL. I lost this money getting RE RAISED by effers and calling... that isnt usually a good idea. And in my case with the 2nd best hands it wasn`t.

Today, I sit at a .10/.25 NLHE table. I start getting beauties of hands, AK three times, AQs, AA and KK. I leave the table DOWN $2.85. Every hand but the KK was folded on the flop. I think this is the first time I have folded AA, which means Im getting better( HA )......

Full Tilt Poker Game #409293859: Table Apple - $0.10/$0.25 - No Limit Hold'em - 11:07:36 ET - 2006/01/29

Seat 1: DDPoker24 ($12.60)

Seat 2: Deveney ($31.05)

Seat 3: CPORetired ($3.05)

Seat 4: mikeyb420 ($16.30)

Seat 5: khanwoman ($11.40)

Seat 6: sf49ersy ($8.55)

Seat 7: Mollys Moby ($22)

Seat 8: shnarf ($7.20)

Seat 9: Machen ($5.95)

DDPoker24 posts the small blind of $0.10

Deveney posts the big blind of $0.25

The button is in seat #9

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to khanwoman [As Ac]

CPORetired folds

mikeyb420 calls $0.25

khanwoman raises to $0.85

sf49ersy calls $0.85 <--- caller #1

Mollys Moby folds

shnarf folds

Machen calls $0.85 <--- caller #2

DDPoker24 has 15 seconds left to act

DDPoker24 folds

Deveney folds

mikeyb420 calls $0.60 <--- caller #3 GREAT!!!

*** FLOP *** [Tc Th 9s]

mikeyb420 bets $2.50

khanwoman folds uhh ya I FOLD

sf49ersy folds

Machen calls $2.50

*** TURN *** [Tc Th 9s] [5c]

mikeyb420 checks

Machen checks

*** RIVER *** [Tc Th 9s 5c] [Qh]

mikeyb420 checks

Machen bets $2.60, and is all in

mikeyb420 has 15 seconds left to act

mikeyb420 folds

Uncalled bet of $2.60 returned to Machen

Machen mucks

Machen wins the pot ($8.35)

*** SUMMARY ***

Total pot $8.75 Rake $0.40

Board: [Tc Th 9s 5c Qh]

Thats how my day went today, but I guess I had my upswing, and its time for some down time now!!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
It never happens live....
I wish I had a quarter for every time I heard that, next time I might direct them here, to this story...

For a few weeks now I had been excited about a big poker tournament that happened this past weekend. I had played in these tournaments before, and Im not a big fan of the structure, so I wasn`t excited for the tournament itself, but for the side action. Being the closest casino is about 2 hours away and only has limit hold em action, I dont play live NLHE ring games much except with friends and family. I had been wanting to get in on some LIVE NLHE ring action and thought this would be my perfect opportunity! So, I get Dave excited to go as well, and Friday finally rolls around. We arrive around 5pm, the 12:30 tournament is still underway, down to the final table and the second leg didnt start till 6:30 so we thought we were getting there at a good time with the optimal amount of people. We quickly put our names on a $200 buy in NLHE game, 2/5 blinds and $1 ante. Sounds strange but m'kay. We sit and start to watch some of the other action, checking out the limit games going (3/6, 5/10 and 10/20) and taking a peek at the final table action in the back of the conference room. The list only needs one more person to start our table, and we wait and wait and wait....I see the second leg of the tournament about to begin and people showing up. Its ladies night and they have a separate tournament for just women. I think for a minute about playing in it, there are only 3 tables, and the top (i dont know how many) get into the finals, probably pretty easy to get there. I decide against it and... Oh MY 2 hours in still waiting, the second leg of tournament is underway which means two of our potential players are gone, so we decide to change our game plan. I was tired of sitting. I hear the tournament director giving out the rules n such as we are deciding what to do, when I hear him say " and Ron Rose is joining us tonight..." OMG Ive never seen OR met a pro before, and Im looking at a WPT champ! I was a little pissed at myself being that I had just been sitting there while people were getting their seats for the tournament, and I didnt even know he was there! As much as I wanted a picture, I couldnt bring myself to bother the man WHILE he was playing poker. And, I wasnt about to wait around for him to bust just to get a picture, there was poker to be played, just not here....

We decided to grab some dinner and head out to the American Legion. I call Joe to let him know the plan change, 3 beers in already, he insits on joining us, oh joy! So we swing by, pick up who for the rest of this story shall be referred to as "Drunky" and headed out to eat. Had a quick dinner at the bar of Outback since it was close to the Legion and headed over.

Our Legion has nightly SNGs. Occasionally I see a live action game going, but not often, and when i do see them, they always have cash out on the table, which in a non regulated environment, I cant say I am a fan of, so it isnt something I was looking to get into. But their SNGs are quite nice. Ten bucks a pop, 1st gets $70 and 2nd gets $30. So we get at the first table and Im in seat 2. Seat 1 is this total dork of a guy, you know the kind that thinks hes hot shit but isnt? To my left is a tall hottie with a cowboy hat, a Drunk, a couple spots of ded money, my brother, Drunky, another hot head and last but DEFINITELY not least, Tink... who we shall refer to as DA BIOTCH.

DA BIOTCH makes it evident from the beginning that she is there to play every hand, no matter what you raise it to when she turns up Q4o to make two pair at a show down against the cowboy who raised it up 4x preflop with AQh. And then the very next hand decides to call the cowboys all in. Cowboy turns up AKo and DA BIOTCH turns up T3 SOOOOOOOTED, and of course she hits her 3 to take him out and proceeds to say how she had to call with any two soooooted cards. The cowboy sits for a bit telling her how bad she sucks then decides to get up and get on a list for the next table.

A few hands down the road, the dork decides to get in a pot with DA BIOTCH, even raising it pre-flop for no apparent reason. After she proceeds to hit her straight with her "any two cards" strategy and take down the pot, leaving dork with a small stack (which I think he may be used to) the dork now feels its time to put his comedian hat on. Over the next few hands he starts telling DA BIOTCH how sad he is that he wont be able to sit next to her much longer, and then realizes when he goes, her and I will be sitting next to each other. And then like any dork, thinks that a few lesbian commets about the two of us is clearly in order since we will obviously be sitting next to each other soon. Thank goodness Daves AJ called his all in with Q7o and he quickly had to exit the table.

DA BIOTCH is pwning the table at this point with her donkey strategy. I haven`t really played any hands so far, except for checking my BB. I did limp on the button once with ATd cause I felt boredom approaching. In the meantime the drunk, who had also been quiet started up her calling station till she was out of chips. Drunky, who was playing exceptionally well for him, bluffed DA BIOTCH and showed it!! I almost fell out of my chair, I mean she was just in SHOCK that someone would do that to her. He then made a great move with his KK, raising, getting re raised, then moving all in pre flop, only to be called by DA BIOTCHS QJd (i mean this was a PREMIUM hand for her). Turn came a J and the river brought another, and another victim.

We are 5 handed now. Blinds are 200/400, I have 1315 chips and I am UTG (which means da biotch is in the BB). I look down at KJd and I move all in. It folds around to biotchy and I swear as God as my witness I am quoting word for word here "Well, I have the best RAISING hand in poker, so Im gonna CALL". She has 400 in, and its 915 for her to call. As soon as I hear this I realize Im toast, and sure enough she turns up 9To... yes thats right NINE TEN OFF SUIT. I got up before the cards even came out, I knew she would hit.

Got on the list for the next SNG and it started quickly.

The drunk, Jan is at my table again, and drunker than ever. Joe is at my table as well, but other than that there are all new people. One, sitting to my right, was a guy I had played with there before. From what I remembered he was a hot head, and played faster than he should with his hands early. But to my surprise, he had improved and I was glad to see there was a decent player at my table. First hand Im in the BB. As usualy, everyone starts limping, one guy raises, everyone starts calling. I look down at JTs and almost fold, until I realize that this is the perfect hand for a multiway pot, the donks are rotting my brain and I almost folded, but I call. The flop comes T high and I jam it. Everyone folds and I take down a nice little pot when it was 7 to the flop.

These chips sustain me most of the turney, I pick up one here or there. But people start dropping like flies to the drunks fury. And I decide to just watch. She is so drunk she cant barely hold her cigarrette or count out her chips, but she takes out each player one by one and saying "IT WAS SUITED" everytime she calls em with suited rags.

We are at final 4 for awhile, I was the ss for most of it, but one other girl was racing me for my position and ended up going out before me after I survived a few all ins. We are final three, Im in the sb, which means the guy to my right is on the button AND first to act. He moves all in, he has the 2nd stack, Im the ss and of course ms drunk is the chip leader. I look down at TT and move all in, drunk lady looks down and goes all in. Button turns up AJo (which is exactly what I had put him on) drunk turns up 77. Im in good shape, especially after the flop, the turn is even better, then the river... woooo wait .. what?!?! omfg thats a SEVEN!!!! Its done, I had the least chips at the start of the hand and no money.

A great, fun night of poker, cant ask for much more, well other than winning .....

I love poker

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Monday, January 23, 2006
Lazy Days

Ms Anna and I are home sick today, so I thought it would be a good day to try and get this thing up and running. Here is a recent pic of little Anna. She and I are bumming it on the couch today, watching Princess Bride at the moment. Miracle Max is checking out Wesley... TRUUUUUE LOOOOOOOOVE.

So anyhow, might be a few senseless posts today as I figure this thing out!
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