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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
light the night...
On September 25th I will be taking part in a fundraiser for called Light the Night for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

So what do I want from you?? I want you to go to my nifty little website and donate some green backs, or better yet, go register to walk
in your town and raise even more money!! If you're lucky enough to
live near me, our walk leaves from the Fraze Pavilion at 7:30pm
(registration starts at 5:30).

I, of course, will be walking in honor of Jill Sabsevitz - and everything I raise will be donated in her name.

GO DONATE, or holler at me with some ridiculous prop bet that you will
most certainly lose if that's your style... you know I can't turn down
a good bet!

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Friday, July 25, 2008
I had promised details about my awesome job and never delivered. What can I say, I just liked the suspense.

I really love the job. For my career I see myself doing something much more creative than what I am required to do here. Everything we do has to conform to "standards", but since I've never done anything like this, the structure is a perfect environment for learning the basics.

What I do like is the attention to detail and good web practices our department has insisted the company adopt as part of their standards. A LOT of the work I do is converting old sites into more current, clean and web friendly code.

For those of you who have NO idea what I'm talking about, I'll give you a little example, I took this code

<.table align="center" width="100%" class="tableBorderLIGHT".>
<.td align="center" style="padding-left:10px;"><_a href="ME_CaseLaw.htm" target="mainFrame" class="pages">Case Law<_/a>
<_td align="center"><_a href="ME_statutes.htm" target="mainFrame" class="pages">Statutes<_/a>

<_td align="center"><_a href="ME_courtrules.htm" target="mainFrame" class="pages">Court Rules<_/a>
<_td align="center"><_a href="ME_Admin.htm" target="mainFrame" class="pages">Admin. Materials<_/a>


Which is the code for the RED navigation in this picture:

And I changed that code to this:

<_table class="top_tablewidth">
<_td class="toplink"><_a href="ME_CaseLaw.htm" target="mainFrame" class="pages">Case Law<_/a><_/td>
<_td class="toplink"><_a href="ME_statutes.htm" target="mainFrame" class="pages">Statutes<_/a><_/td>
<_td class="toplink"><_a href="ME_courtrules.htm" target="mainFrame" class="pages">Court Rules<_/a><_/td>
<_td class="toplink"><_a href="ME_Admin.htm" target="mainFrame" class="pages">Admin. Materials<_/a><_/td>

Which made it look like this visually

Not a lot of changes, but it looks better and fits into our web standards. This particular site had 25 pages I had to make changes to. I also made it all uniform, so the spaces between the forms were even on every page and lined up, and also made a welcome page (that you see here on the right) that logs the users by last name.

And that's it! That is what I do all day, and I love it... for now.

I sit in a little cubical that is about 10x10 and grey.


I have a dry erase board that I haven't written on yet, two CSS books I checked out from the library we have on the first floor, and a little drawer I keep some files in. OOOOH and I have pushy pins, to hang random things up with. I <3 href="http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/berlinvideo/">watch this now. Mega stud's that attract 200,000 Germans, here's to hoping he doesn't sell out to the man.

PS: 12 more wake ups till I leave for Atlantic City... watch out Jersey.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008
mac's aren't so bad...
Especially when they leave comments on my bloggo telling me about new Firefox plug-ins.

I heart Firefox plug-ins.

So this is a test of the Scribefire. Looks like I can link with no issues, in face it automatically plugs in the last URL I visited. Mac said I can drag and drop photos...

It did work, but when I went to post I think my work's security settings are blocking it.

It has a lot of editing options, including giving you access to your old posts if you wanted to change a post. You can also add multiple blogs to blog to, and look ZOOKS A STRIKE THRU!

It's definitely worth a shot to try out and see if it makes your life easier. I like it because it doesn't look like I'm blogging at work when I'm blogging at work.

That deserves a Holler.

And a little secret for Mac, since he was so nice to share this plug-in with me, I'm switching to Wordpress, I should be up and running at www.spotoft.com by the end of next week.


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008
beautiful things...
I've been in a bit of a "mood" the past few days. Ya, so maybe it is PMS, and maybe you're just all assholes and you didn't realize it.

I like option 2.

Anyhoodles - I just did something that put me in a ridiculously fabulous mood.

It all started by wanting to update my Google Reader. As you've probably all guessed, I haven't been reading your blogs... I mean if I don't have time to post, I'm not reading any either (just bein' real peeps, bein' rizzle). I still have lotsa <3 for you though.

I deleted 90% of the blogs on my Reader because, as Luda would say, I really don't give a fuck. I added a couple too tho, so all hope isn't lost.

So the Reader update turned into Firefox plug ins, Delicious bookmark updating, and finally something I had never used - iGoogle. I can even post to my blog right on it!

Check it...

I'm so happy I could cry. But you can all still GFY (for the next few days anyhow).


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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
this is only a test...
... of the emergency 'whether or not I can blog from work' broadcast system...

THIS IS ONLY A TEST. (aka: my boss is at lunch)

Since I'm here, let me share with you the latest things that have made me laugh. You can find them here and here.


Other things of note:

  • CSS kinda makes me wanna cry occasionally, but they are tears of joy. If only I could borrow Hrbek's brain from 8-5 M-F. WHAT SAY YOU, HRBEK??***
  • It is hard to unpack when you have no where to put things.
  • Sheila is going to help me with the above this weekend, (shhh, it's a surprise).
  • I thought I was over it, but NOPE, I still heart men over 40. Wait a minute, I heart men under 40 too... hmmmm...
  • Right now, my left tricep is twitching.
  • Friday, poker, my place... is it in?
  • I am never going to blog in complete sentences again, unordered lists are OBV the way to go.
***So, since you're here already... I'm currently trying to clean up some sloppy HTML in tables with CSS, but I kinda suck at CSS and know very little about it. I've actually managed to get thru this whole site and replace almost all the crap with smaller crap (holler!). But here's one I can't seem to figure out -
<_table width="188px" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
Is it even possible to create cellpadding and spacing in CSS? If so, tell me how O WISE ONE!

Tables suck btw.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008
the short of it...
I want to give you ALL the details, but considering that I started at 5am yesterday and went non-stop till 11pm (when I finally passed out), and that I have volleyball tonight (GO SETS ON THE BEACH!) idk when I'll actually get around to those details... so let's start with this:

  • My new job rulzorz
  • They have a gym
  • They have yoga classes
  • All I do all day is design websites and update/clean html and css code.
  • I'm the only girl web designer
  • I asked what time I had to be at work and here was the response I got "Anytime between 8 and 9... if you want to come in earlier, that's ok too." I LOL'd
  • It's nice to be treated like a professional and an adult at the same time
  • I was excited to get out of bed at 5am this morning
Shower time!


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