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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Every now and then life hands us out a test, I usually receive a midterm and final at least once a year. Not to mention about 12-20 pop quizzes.

This past week I took my "mothering" exam, and I failed horribly.

Last week, Anna had her tonsils out. We had to spend the night in the hospital, but she came home early Thursday and seemed to be doing well. The Doctors and Nurses reminded us about 220 times how important it is that she drinks 6-8 glasses of clear liquids a day, Popsicles, water, sprite, apple juice, etc. Not just for hydration of her body, but it actually aides in the healing process of her throat, and if she keeps her mouth/throat wet, it will not hurt as bad.

We did really well with this the first couple of days, but Saturday, Anna started refusing anything going into her mouth. The Doc had told us she couldn't use a straw either, so we literally had to try and force feed her liquids. Every time we did, she would start screaming about how her tongue, mouth, teeth, neck, throat and cheeks hurt, and how she can't even open her mouth.

Of course I'd try to encourage her, telling her that after she starts drinking all these things will feel better. I had been to the store and we had 10 different kinds of Popsicles, orange sherbet, pudding, jello, drinks, juices, applesauce and whatever else I could think of to get her to eat. She would take a bite or two and start screaming.

To make a really long weekend short, by Sunday night she was completely exhausted, and I put her to bed at 6:30pm, despite her arguing. She didn't wake up till 9:30 Monday. But that may have been because of how each night she would wake up 5 or 6 times screaming.

It all culminated yesterday, when at around noon she still hadn't been pee and seemed to be feeling worse than ever. So, I realized I had failed as a good parent to keep her well, and I called her doctor. They said she was probably dehydrated and I needed to take her to the ER.


So, I explained to Anna that if she didn't start drinking we were going to the hospital.

She wasn't happy about that, but I swear, when I tried to get her to drink, she wouldn't open her mouth!! She would stick her tongue in the water and start crying about how bad it hurt!!

So, I broke down and got us all dressed, and headed to the ER in failure.

Anna falls asleep in the car (or pretends to) and then makes me carry her into the ER. We had to wait in line to get signed in and Anna immediately perks up. We get up to the nurse who starts to ask Anna how she's feeling:

"Does your throat hurt Anna?"

"No, it feels good! It only hurts sometimes."

Ya, only sometimes... didn't ya know.

Now I gotta tell ya, since I couldn't beat my child in the ER with out the police being called, I just broke down into tears instead.

I couldn't frakin believe it.

As, we wait to get seen by a Doc, Anna wants to play etc. I'm pissed and won't let her.

We get into an ER room, and she drinks everything they give her, and eats 3 popsicles.

So, here I am, a sleep deprived, exhausted, blubbering mess. Trying to explain to the 3 Doctors and 5 nurses that all come in separately how she's been acting. They tell me she is mildly dehydrated and they will give her an IV if I want them to.

WTF?! If I want them to? Who's the Doctor here? Do I look like I'm in any state to be making decisions? Ya, ask the mom who couldn't get her kid to drink anything for 3 days, and now can't quit crying for a medical decision. gg doc.

She explains that it is probably best if they do, because if she goes home and won't drink again she will get much worse.

So, to be completely honest, I said yes for two reasons:

1. Because I thought she needed it.
2. Because it was gonna hurt, and maybe she'd get it thru her thick head why she needed to be drinking.

I know, it sounds awful, but Anna really thought it was a game. She was giggling, watching cartoons, making jokes and I was in complete meltdown phase.

One good thing did come of the trip, the Doc explained that she is on a much smaller dose of her pain meds than she should be, and that I needed to double it.

So, we came home and she started in on the same BS, I can't eat, blah blah. I give her a cup with a straw even tho the doc said not to use straws, and she got half a cup down and I put her to bed. I needed bed too.

She seems much MUCH better this morning, and has already ate and drank!

Maybe I can get my grade on a curve.

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Monday, June 25, 2007
the prop bet...
I promised details on the prop bet I have going with J (aka thehugeguy for you non- effers) so here are your details:


Lose 20lbs. by September 1st


Loser will have to get themselves a t shirt that says "I WAS PWNED BY (insert winners name here)" get said shirt SOAKING WET, and put said shirt on for a photo shoot. Send said picture to the WINNER to do with what they will.

Sounds fun don't it?

I do have a plan, and if J doesn't lose his 20lbs, he might hate me forever, cause well Ima melt off 20lbs like butter in the microwave.

Game on J.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007
one last thing before i go...
I'm off to Vegas this afternoon and you can check here for updates on that saga.

But before I go, I had to get this video up. I've been running non stop since last Friday and hadn't gotten a chance to post this. Maya was asked by her principal to speak at a special Teacher's Dinner. Only the geniuses were asked of coz. Go on withcher bad self Maya...

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
OK, I can finally let the big breath out.


Here is my Lightwave 3D final project. It sucks the big one, but we weren't really taught to use the program in depth. So, Bite Me.

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Monday, June 04, 2007
Sersly, how am I supposed to draw on the computer, when I can't draw on paper? HUH?!

If ya can't tell I'm pretty unhappy with my Illustrator final. But after working for 4 hours on it, that'll do pig.

EDIT: I couldn't take it! I redid it and i think it looks a bit better

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Sunday, June 03, 2007
Two down, two to go...
It is the last week of the quarter, and that means crunch time.

I've finished two of the four- well kinda finished. The Photoshop still has to be made into a booklet and mounted on a presentation board, oh and printed out, cut down etc. Hell, thats a whole days work in itself. The Design 3D still has to have the pictures mounted on presentation board and bound.

So, nm, I'm not done.

Photoshop - I'm not sure how this slideshow is going to embed, but you can always see them here

3D Design - same deal

I'll post my Illustrator and Lightwave projects when they are finished

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