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Saturday, July 29, 2006
Day One..
Sorry for not posting this last night guys, I was just so tired when I got back to the room! I actually started to type and realized what a horrid post it would have been so I stopped... damn I must really like you guys!

Also, internet access costs $10.99 per day, and I wont be buying that again pry. There is a restaurant down stairs with free wifi, I just dont know how often Ill be able to get down there, but I will update as much as I can!

*note: I have already posted some pictures on the forum, but Ill be posting new ones here..

We arrived in Vegas around 9am, after getting our bags and riding a shuttle with a crazy lady as our driver (altho shes predicting I win so she cant be that bad), we end up at Treasure Island around a little after 10am. We got checked in, even though the bell boy said they wouldnt let us, dropped our bags in the room and headed down to the Poker stars suite in our hotel to pick up my swag!

We drop that off at the room and wanted to get over to the Rio for the opening of the wsop. The cab ride over costs $10!! And Im lucky cause I get to split the costs of that with my brother. On the mornings people play, pokerstars runs a shuttle to the Rio at 8am and 10:30am, so usually we will be able to take that. The Rio is freaking HUGE, I mean the part we are playing in isnt even the casino or hotel, this place is just ginormous.

They have security guards blocking off the main hallway, making you go thru a separate room before entering the poker hallway. Of course this room is a football field full of poker displays, anything and everything you could think of! From poker sites, to poker clothes, chips, mouse pads, the new electronic tables (which I saw Sol from the Daniel Negreanu Protoge thing playing at one) and scantily dressed women everywhwere. The poker stars booth even had playboy bunnies, and together these people were giving away more free stuff than my house is worth im sure! I mean even Cardplayer, Bluff, HighRoller magazines that sell for $10 a pop just lying around... totally unreal. I wasnt prepared for all of this so we decided that we will go back on one of my days off to really stock up on free shit! Ill have plenty of stuff for the next forum raffle!

We walk into a sea of people, including huge lines going into the poker room. It was 11:30am when we got there so I figured these were spectators trying to get in... but NOO OOO OOO they hadnt let the players in yet! I stood in line to get my wsop player card and get registered (table 169 seat 8) and then we walked around as much as we could. We hit some of the poker sites suites, Full Tilt, bodog, doyles room, ultimatebet... they are alright, I probably like UBs the best. They all had internet hookups where you could play on their site, litte snacks and free tshirts for if you had an account or just signed up for one. I was a little disappointed with the full tilt suite as the pros sat in a room where you could see them but wouldnt wave or acknowledge anyone was there, and the people guarding their room were really rude. but vv/e.

I saw alot of pros...Eli Elezera, he was walking towards me in the hallway and I couldnt think of his name!! I dont know what got into me, or else Id have got this photo. Joe Hachem, he was standing in front of ESPN booth having his photo w someone, I was next up when ESPN grabbed him for an interview, he seemed like a nice guy. My brother snapped a pic but its all blurry. Perry Friedman, he ran into me in the poker room when things were starting, he would of knocked me over but hes fucking TINY! Andy Bloch, Clonie Gowen and Lee Watkinson were all in the Full Tilt Suite. I saw the kid that plays Shaggy in the Scooby Doo films in the Bodog suite and another actor there as well whos name I dont know, I remember him from CPS. Kenna James, I saw him from afar taking his WSOP seat which was very close to where I was sitting the next day.

Then we got to watch the opening...

As you can see we found out here that all my schwag is useless as it has the .com name on it. After yesterday I am not impressed with Poker Stars at all, as they do NOT have their act together. One, the swag is all guys stuff, what about us ladies? Not to mention a mens XL size is huge on top and barely squeaks over my ass, we arent shaped like men damn it! Then they dont have their Poker Stars suite set up yet!!! The players are supposed to be eating breakfast there every day and its not even set up! Get with the program PS, we are nervous enough, I dont need to be worrying about getting tape over my .com.

So we headed back to TI, ate, found a poker tourney for later that night, and came back to the room so dave could have a nap. I didnt wanna nap so I unpacked my bags and got online for a bit. When he woke up we decided to ride the tram over to the Mirage and check it out before our turney started.

The Mirage was pretty cool, and had a HUGE poker room, but their turneys were all over $300 which is a bit out of my price range. We were also gonna check out Sigfried and Roys animals but they charged $15 to see em! So we passed. We ended up at the bar putting $10 in the video poker machines to get free drinks. I didnt win anything, but the 3 drinks woulda cost me more than $10 so I didnt mind.

When we got back for our turney the TI poker room was FULL! And they ended up cancelling our turney. I was totally bummed, it was a $60 turney, and you started with 2k chips blinds going up every 20 mins, so was a decent structure. My brother said there was one over at the Luxor at 8pm so we headed over there (my FOURTH casino for the day!) We buy in and had some extra time and headed to the bar again. The Luxor SUCKS! I wont be going back, the video poker is rigged and they make you bet more than the minimum to get free drinks. Then when we sat down for the turney, blinds were 15/25 and you had THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY CHIPS! Looking back I should of gotten up right then and there in stead of playing. What a total bs structure.. I even tripled up to 1k in chips in the first 15 minutes only to have my flopped nut flushed re raised all in by two pair who hit a boat on da river. F this place.

So we got back to the hotel, grabbed something to eat and CRASHED! I was exhausted. While I was in the cab on the way home I got a msg on my phone from Dekker saying he had made it and was in town, so I look forward to seeing him and Pred today!

I slept pretty good last night. Im pumped up and ready to go! Altho about 2am our neighbors started extreme wresting next door and it was so lound I had to call the desk. Im also awake pre alarm clock and thats the only reason I had time to write this post!
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  • At 1:00 PM, Blogger Lynx56

    Got a little of everything on your first day in Vegas I see. A little "what happens...stays..." next door, a little "free" drinkie action, a little "I got gypped" action at the Lux tunry, a little "you gotta pay for that?" action at S&M, er, S&R's animals (check out the no-pay lions @ MGM instead), a little crowd madness and celebrity sighting at WSOP. Throw in an Elvis wedding and you've pretty much run the gamut.

  • At 1:43 PM, Anonymous DraNDead

    Just remember...you are there to play your game! You know how to do this! You are GOOD! You earned your way there with GOOD PLAY. Do not get tired. YOU CAN DO THIS!

  • At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Excuse me, but what kind of dumbass doesn't find out the structure of a tournament before buying in?

  • At 6:04 PM, Blogger T

    maybe the same kind of dumbass that likes to insult people "anonymously"?

    Besides, if you had actually read my post,you would see that was my point.