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Saturday, September 29, 2007
i'm a 'lil teapot...

It's no secret that I can't draw.

However, I never had an example to show you exactly how bad I actually am. So, consider yourselves cursed lucky. This is my first rendering of a teapot. I drew it either on the first or second day of class. RAW talent!

In my charcoal class, we started with the line drawing you saw above, but soon moved on to value drawings. Instead of identifying the shape with lines, you identify it with darks and lights. Which brings me to teapot #2, or "here is my handle, here is my spout" as I like to call it.
After this, I didn't think things could get much better. I mean that looks like the Mona Lisa to me.

This week we started doing the value drawings in reverse. We take our charcoal and cover the entire page in a medium value and then go in with an eraser and start to identify the highlights, then back in with charcoal to identify the darks. Which brings me to teapot #3, or "when I get all steamed up I will shout!".

I know, and if you think that's good, look at this!!



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Friday, September 28, 2007
i think today is friday...
OK, ya I checked my calendar... it is definitely Friday. Whew, I was a little worried there for a second.

Last week, after multiple requests, my system admin finally went to install my Adobe CS3 suite on the 'ol laptop. Let's just say the 'ol laptop couldn't handle it, and I was forced with a decision:

I could spend $400 upgrading my crappy laptop that I've already wasted too much money on


I could get a new laptop

I went with the later, even tho I'm a cheap ass and I still keep telling myself "I'm taking it back" - I don't think thats gonna happen. However, installing XP instead of VISTACRAP is a high possibility. I haven't even been using the system for 24 hours and it has already crashed on me, but at least the error windows are pretty and they glow.

However, all my problems pale in comparison to THIS - what asswipe designer decided this would be a good idea??
Ya, that's the SHIFT key. Sigh.

Anyhoo, enough about me, let's talk about PIRATES!! I can't take credit for this one, it was shown to me by some dude, from Jersey that doesn't have 'a guy'.

Then I saw this today on my google reader... he he he

And for the piece de resistance-

Do you remember the Davey Crockett tail?? Hmm do ya? I don't see how you could forget really. But, just in case you did - you won't this time.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007
Buckeye land is grand.

In honor of a winning streak and an ass whoopin on Northwestern today, I shall do a post in honor of Ohio.

First, one of the BEST things about OHIO...


And of course, how a Buckeye partays...

One day my bro and I are on our way to my sister's house for game night and we see someone hauling a trailer full of junk on the highway. It was hard not to notice it because:

A) it was huge
B) it was piled with TRASH
C) I was behind it and afraid for my life

It may appear in this photo as tho there is something valuable on the back of this trailer, but trust me, everything on it was falling apart.

So of course, that's when my superior driving skills decide we should pry head around this beast for safety's sake. As I pull along side of the death trap I notice something quite strange...

Look closely at the picture above.... do you see it??

It's a mother effing HUMMER ... a $50k vehicle pulling a 15 foot trailer of trash.


Only in OHIO. (ok well maybe Kentucky too, but f them)

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
things of note...
  • The 7 yards of mulch I've had in my driveway, since May, is finally on my flower beds.
  • I had to draw a continuous line drawing of my bathroom (ya, I said my bathroom) in charcoal for Art class. It's a real beaut.
  • My job is becoming more annoying by the hour.
  • I'm having strange, intermittent urges to go to AC. idk what that's all about.
  • Anna covered my bathroom floor in an inch of water today, for the second time in a month.
  • Arthur is coming to Dayton tomorrow and we shall have dinner ala Airport de Dayton.
  • Bra's shouldn't have straps that can disconnect from the back of the bra while doing yoga. It is a flaw in the design me thinks.
  • I cleaned off my chair in my bedroom that had turned into my dresser. I thought it would be nice to sit in it, till I sat in it and realized: My kids know where I am.
  • My friends are cool and my family rocks.

that is all.


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Sunday, September 09, 2007
the hummus predicament...
Yesterday Joe and I worked all day in the yard spreading mulch. We only got about halfway thru because the rain didn't hold back long enough for us to finish, but still it was a good 5 hours of ball busting work.

After dinner etc. I decided to relax, take some Advil and wash it down with a whiskey n diet. mmmmm. The simple joys in life.

At about midnight when I headed off to hit the haystack, I also had a bit of a munchie attack. Of course, I still try to snack healthy when I do, and decided to crack open the delicious hummus I had bought earlier in the week. Nothing like a nice carrot stick with hummus... mmmmm.

So here I am, about 3 drinks in, at midnight, when I open the fridge and the bulb is out. Of course, the hummus isn't where I left it, so I feel around a bit, still no hummus. I decided I wasn't giving up and turned on two kitchen lights, and went back to the fridge proceeding to empty about 1/2 of it's contents before I finally find the hummus.

At this moment I was so satisfied with myself, I gleefully walked over to the trashcan to discard of the plastic safety covering... when it dawned on me...

I cannot stand self righteous cunts.

Does that ever happen to you? You are completing some mundane task and the meaning of life just appears before your eyes and you have an "AHA!" moment?

One of my favorite moments in life was when I realized that I'm not better than anyone else.

I know it's shocking, really, but stay with me here.

Class, gender, which way you swing and the like -- it's all relative. You and I have been thru different challenges on our journey of life that have molded and shaped us differently. After all, it doesn't make sense to make judgments on someone else's choices, when you haven't had to make the same choices with the same information available to you.

As an example, I feel these self righteous cunts should left to their self righteous thoughts, in their self righteous home (they live alone obv), with their self righteous belongings, and go to their self righteous jobs without interruption. It is not my place to judge or confine them in any way. After all, I'm not better than them, I have my own faults, and they deserve to be able to live their lives in peace, as do I. If they carry on about their self righteousness without involving myself or my family, they will find no T conflict. However, if they choose the opposite... it's all fair game.

But, I suppose this whole concept takes a certain level of maturity to embrace. Of course if you were a self righteous cunt, you would pry think your level of maturity exceeded the standard requirements... so there is that.

And boy oh boy, that hummus was goooooooood.

ps: I have started adding some music at the top of my blog, I'll try to change it weekly. The resource I'm using doesn't have all the music I like so we will see how it goes. enjoy!

pss: OMG I woke up this morning and my back and hamstrings are hollerin "HELP ME!!!" I need me some yoga.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007
i like to share...
And, this was worth sharing.

And that gets a big shake of the ass to our men and women in uniform.



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Thursday, September 06, 2007
wow, i'm old...
Really, I don't think I'm old... but lately I've had a few things remind me that it is... just a matter of time.

Sign #1 - I'm driving in the car the other day with my brother and we have the radio on for the kids. I'd rather hear them sing lyrics that are completely inappropriate for their age, than scream at each other, obv. A song comes on that I know the words to, it's old skewl, back from my high school days -- when it dawns on me...

Dave (my bro), this isn't the original song is it?
OMG - a song I listened to in high school got covered.

Sign #2 - Today is my first day of class, and at 8:30am I have ART. I walk into class and grab my usual seat next to the hottest male (I'm um genius) in the classroom. We have to get up and grab a few different things during class, a big sheet of sketch paper, charcoal etc. When I realize there is a chick in my class with a 2 foot davey crocket tail pinned to her ass. I kid you not, a 2 foot davey crocket tail pinned to her ass, and I have a feeling I was one of about 4 people in the class that had never seen such a thing before.

Sign #3 - We are standing in line at the concession stand at the movie theater this weekend, of course what was the topic?? 2 sodas and a popcorn cost what?? FIFTEEN DOLLARS?? And you know how I knew Joe is older than me?? Because he wouldn't shut up about it, and I had to ask him to stop as he was embarrassing me.

Good thing I'm not THAT old, yet.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007
house cleaning...

Today I had an epiphany. I could take out an equity loan for home improvements to pay for Anna's full time child care. sersly. The chick is a fraking tornado destroying everything in our home.

The T is at a breaking point with Ms. Anna. And I have no idea how I'm gonna do this 3 days a week while tackling school and work too. (and that doesn't include the weekends) Maya has always understood my limits, and acts accordingly. Anna on the other hand finds my breaking points to be cause to go find something else to piss mama off.

WARNING: this could be detrimental to your health and safety, kid.

I thought school started today, but today is the 4th and school starts the 5th, and since I changed my schedule around to only have classes on Tues and Thurs - I don't have class till Thursday.

Funny how things work out just as they were supposed to all along and I still get surprised, ain't it?

Those are the two days a week I won't be watching Anna. Thank god for school.

I had a few more things to add, but right now I have to go save my photo album collection from becoming part of Anna's re-creation of the first scene in Ghostbuster's.

ta ta

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