"...Baby I'm hungry - I want and I need - Bring me your sugar - And pour it all over me baby...."

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Friday, July 27, 2007
5 lil girls....
Since 3pm yesterday.... nuff said.

Me: i swear to god
Me: 5 lil girls here and they still want ME to entertain them
NoNotZerb: doesnt that piss him off?
Me: just like when its just mine
NoNotZerb: set one on fire, let the others put her out
Me: hahahahahaha
NoNotZerb: always a fun party game
NoNotZerb: "who wants to be on fire next?"
Me: i mean really
Me: u are too much
NoNotZerb: I skeered myself that time.
NoNotZerb: very weird
NoNotZerb: must be in a butch mood

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
just call me rocky...
Cause I started boxing classes tonight. And not the aerobics shit they do at Bally's, a real boxing gym.

Friday I had a "sleepover" at my old friend Heather's new place, since she is newly single. We both have two kids about the same age, and her friend Nicole came as well, she has a daughter our girls age too.

I brought a bottle of Captains that was empty the next morning.

They reminded me that in my drunken stupor, I had agreed to start boxing on Tues. and Thurs. with them from 10p to 11p.

I lived up to my promise -- and my body already hates me for it.

That is all.


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so what's up with me you ask?
Ok, so maybe you didn't ASK, technically, but you did just start reading my blog... so nanner.

School has been pretty laid back so far this summer, and I still feel a bit overwhelmed with the kids home. I've been finding it quite the trial to keep up with life's daily pace as of late.

My prop bet has become a part time job with the time it takes up, but I'm halfway to the goal, so there is that.

Since the quarter is now past half over, the pace has quickened, and final projects will be workin' me over shortly.

And of course I have the "work situation" looming over my head. Since January, I have slowly been working my way out of my current job. Since I'm self employed I can't just put in a two week notice. But it seems it is finally starting to work out and I can move on... that also means I have had to start job hunting, which is a whole other ball of wax. When you have worked for yourself for so long, re entering the workforce is a bit of a leap. Especially since I would like to continue school full time, but payin' da bills has to take precedence.

But, the biggest leap is how I won't have control over my time any longer. That will be a big change for me. I guess my school schedule has somewhat prepared me for it, but working for someone else is something I never thought I would do again.

I guess it all boils down to the undeniable fact that BEING A GROWN UP SUCKS.

As a wise soul once told me (no not arthur) "around every cloud is... another pile of bs".

For now, Ima keep pluggin along, because after the transition, at least I'll be doing what I set out to do.

And that my friends, is priceless.


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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to know, or affiliate with any of the people in this video.


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oh and btw...
4th of July pics


Maya's camp pics are UP!

I'm still waiting on my lazy brother in law to get the 4th of July Videos up.

I registered for Fall Classes today

Anna is all healed up and doing fab.

That is all.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
tuesdays suck...
Since last Tuesday I have had a string of unfortunate events. I will attempt to list them here with few details:

  • Anna had an ER visit (story already told) last Tuesday
  • My power supply in my desktop went out - this wouldn't be such a bad thing except that it came right after a hard drive crash on my laptop, and the desktop drive has important info I needed off of it.
  • My dryer broke. It just won't work. I bought it last April, just over a year and it's warranty.
  • My (other) garage door broke. It didn't just break, the motor thingy is attached to a support thingy that came completely off the ceiling, and it is just plain broked.
  • I had to spend an entire day at my dad's house doing laundry.
  • After repeated calls to my financial aid people at school, turns out I have papers that need to be signed before they release my money. Only took 4 phone calls over 2 weeks to get that answer.
  • My monthly work check has been delayed.
  • I can't recover any of my banking records after my HD crash. This has turned out to be a bigger problem than I had anticipated. My bank accounts are completely fucked.
  • Maya went to summer camp yesterday, and they had her balance screwed up. I ended up having to pay twice, get refund later, so she could attend.
  • I missed school last Tuesday because of Anna's ER visit. I emailed my prof Tuesday night:
    *** On 6/26/2007 7:52:51 PM Teresa White wrote *** Hi Lee,

    I wasn't able to make class tonight because my daughter had to be taken to the ER. We didn't leave till almost 7pm. I will bring a note from the hospital to class next week.

    Could you let me know if there were any assignments this evening?

    Thank You,

    Teresa White

I received this email from him today (After not hearing from him all week) that was sent out to our whole class:

Happy 4th of July.

We will be having a class tonight. Bring your scripts and storyboards.
Yes it is a real assignment, we will present them to the class.

Betcha its a fast class.

  • Our TV was damaged by lightning (among a ton of other things) back in April. We sent it to the TV repair, and had a part on order to have it fixed as of May 2nd. We still don't have our TV back. Last week they said the part didn't fix it and they are "having a module rebuilt".
  • I weighed myself last Friday and lets just say, I was less than impressed. I kicked up the workouts this week. I thought exercise was supposed to give you more energy, and make you sleep better. I'm EXHAUSTED and I had to go buy sleeping pills cause I can't get to sleep at night.
  • Oh and I almost forgot. My girls started drilling me about what a "period" was. Of course I obliged and explained, in the most simple terms possible. Then, of course, pandora's box was opened and Maya wanted to know about sex. I put Anna in the bath so she wasn't in the conversation anymore and started to explain to Maya when she asks "So then, why do girls suck on boys penises?"

Sersly, just kill me now.

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Monday, July 02, 2007
i'm exhausted...
and that's all I have the energy to type.



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