"...Baby I'm hungry - I want and I need - Bring me your sugar - And pour it all over me baby...."

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Monday, December 24, 2007
how many times have i told you...

May I present, my brother in law, Scottisha...

Merry Christmas!!


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Saturday, December 22, 2007
and so it begins...
The wonderful pre-Christmas weekend.

My yearly reminder of why Thanksgiving rocks the socks off of Christmas.

So ya, that's pretty much all I have to say about that... here's some pics.


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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
... is not an easy thing to come by. When I started this journey to lose weight, I was ready. I was sick of being someone I wasn't. I thought that FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD, would be the hardest part to control. Strangely enough, it is the easy part.

EXERCISE, staying motivated to EXERCISE is definitely the hardest part for me. There are a lot of factors that make it so hard, and one of them is GUILT. If you miss a day, you can beat yourself up over it, and hell knows we all love to be mean to ourselves. I made a decision from the beginning that I wouldn't fall into this trap. I decided that if I missed a day, I missed it, and I started back the next.

This has worked for me so far, and I can't even fill up one hand with the days I should have worked out and didn't.

Originally I stayed motivated with my bet, then I kept trying to mix things up - pilates, yoga, jogging, elliptical - then I moved on to the Turkey Trot, and now here I am again feeling bored.

So, I did the first thing I do when I'm bored, and I changed up my workout playlist, mostly I added some new digg's and some old ones for yoga at the end of my workout.

But TODAY, I did the thing that should interest all of you--

I made a bet with ZOOKS mwhahahahahaha

First, I offered that we both try to lose a certain amount of weight by ROCCOPALOOZA. I wanted some good motivation, so I said twelve pounds, when this pussy wonderful friend of mine counters with EIGHT pounds.

We settled on TEN pounds by January 18th.

And, if one of us does not make it, they will owe the other an expensive pair of CUSTOM FIT JEANS.


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Thursday, December 06, 2007
I'm so far behind here, I don't even know where to start. First, let's do a little catch up:

  • I finished my 5 mile turkey trot, and I did not die. I did however, get very sick the next day. It could have been the jogging in freezing rain, idk.
  • I finished school (for the quarter and I'm on winter break till January) and I got my first "C" - @#$#in art
  • I'm having some sort of mid-life crisis, even tho I'm only 30 and not quite to the middle of my life- or maybe I am WTF
  • I am in the middle of trying to get in the Digital Design program at UC on a scholarship- and it is kickin my ass - AND I'm not even sure if I want can do it, (see above) I definitely WANT it
  • I need a job- badly
  • I hate Dayton(and I lie)
  • This is what makes me happy (minus a few peeps- dave, dad, mom, but it's close)

Ok, so, that's that.

This week I am having my friendly reminder of why I did NOT have three children. As much as I love this kid, and I LOVE having her around, I'm still done on FRIDAY! My sis and Scott are in Atlantis (bastids) and I hope they are having a great time. This is their first time away from Harper, and I'm glad for them.

You two better be having lots of sex, and the good kind too.

That is all.

Oh, and if I haven't shown you my new website design, holler at me (not gonna post it cause my contact info is on it).

New song up top, check it out.

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