"...Baby I'm hungry - I want and I need - Bring me your sugar - And pour it all over me baby...."

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Monday, December 25, 2006
Merry Christmas...
Here are some pics of the family, for the family. But, even if you're not family, you are welcome to have a look!!

Christmas Eve Pictures

Christmas Day Pictures

We have had a great day despite the fact that just about everyone, Joe, Maya, Mom, Dave and myself, have sick stomach's today. Poor Maya woke up and headed straight to the trashcan and stuck her head in! What a way to spend Christmas! When I said so to her she replied."Ya, I think it's because I made fun of Anna". My little buddhist.

For our present to the girls this year I made their toy room into a school room. With a little work and very little money, (because we got the tables , boards etc from the school basement) my girls have been in heaven all day! One of their favorite things to do is to play teacher and pretend to do wall cards. Here is a video of when they opened the toy room.

So that's about it. I'm fixing a Turkey Dinner that no one is coming over to eat, and the one's that are here to eat it, pry won't eat much of it. Leftover's at my house tomorrow, if anyone can make it in time!!


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Sunday, December 24, 2006
Bookmark this page?
I am sure there is a more efficient way to keep tabs on sites you would like to go back to at some point. But for now, I bookmark pages till my bookmark list becomes annoyingly long, then I go back thru and file the links I still find funny and/or useful months later. I should use trailfire for this, it IS a really cool program.... but then I couldn't do this post!

So here goes, which should I keep and which should I dump?
(this post is made especially for certain single people visiting family over the holidays that are bored out of their minds)

Chess for Blood - this guy left a comment on my blog about our template because he was having problems with it. I helped him and still keep an eye on him from time to time. He's in his twenties and sounds like a pretty good chess player, but the million dollar question is "IS HE HAWT??"

Revision 3 - this is a keeper. Any of you watch the old " The Screensavers" show on TechTV before it got bad?? This guy used to be a guest on there all the time. And this site, sent to me by Zerbet, is freaking awesome. He has aweseome video Photoshop Tutorials. Man I miss "The Screensavers". At some point they decided to go "cool" instead of "good" and started hiring all these young idiots to do the show (but they were hawt) and the show got unwatchably BAD. Was sad.

Feministing - I actually like to browse this site from time to time. From the title you can guess what it is about, but don't go with first impressions. Da bitch is funny.

Poker After Dark starts New Year's Eve!!! (for those who didn't know) AND it's hosted by good ol Shana Hiatt!!! EVEN I LIKE SHANA!! I don't know if she actually knows anything about poker, but she pretends to good, and she's not a total ditz, so she's ok in my book.

If you've played poker with me you've all yelled it at some point or thought to yourself... hmmmm. Yes, I am really smarter than you (if you're male).

This is my brother in law. He's a new bookmark as I didn't know his myspace page till recently OR my sister in law OR my OWN BROTHER!

Charts n Graphs never appealed to me till I took a little time to look at this site for awhile. It can take a second to change, but this dude is very funny.

This one actually cracks me up so much that I added it to my links over yonder. Ghetto kitties. I'm in yer brainz stealin yer thawts!!!

You just cante find cheaper cables I tell ya.

Ok, now, you might hate me for this in about a month or two. But for now you will think you have died and gone to heaven. JOE actually showed me this site (believe it or not) and everyone I've linked is now addicted (including myself) and I bought pry 70% of my Christmas presents off of this site. Slickdeals baybee.

One day Ima gonna use this to piss off Joe at just the right time. I'M IN YER PUTERZ ENCRYPTIN YER FILEZ!

TV and Movies for free on the internet?! That's impossible. Or is it?

There are lots of sites that are supposed to help you find home games, but this is the only one I've actually found some on that look legit. Too bad my poker buddy just had a baby and will pry never play poker again.

Ok, this is a link Zooks sent me and well, it is funny. In fact, I'll save you the trouble and just show you...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I could listen to this guy all day, altho it's a lot cooler to watch him.

This one you'll have to watch for yourself. I showed it to Maya and she even got it.

This is a blog entry called ONLY A GUY WOULD DO THIS, and well, he's absofuckinglutely correct. Oh, and I think this might be the funniest story I've ever read.

DIVX previews n other stuffage. I really really really want to see Transformers. I know it will pry suck, but man did I love transformers when I was a little T.

I'm always interested in views of non- religeous people aka: athiests and the like. I bookmarked this one because I want to watch some more of the videos. This one is just priceless because this is so right on.

DON'T FORGET TO TRACK SANTA!! Except if you're one of those weird people who "doesn't do the santa thing" *wink at kate*

OK, I just found this and this last night and both are really fun. Maya wants linkage.

If I still had an office, I'd hang these everywhere so that when people actually read them, they would have to read them like 5 times and stand and stare trying to figure out if they really just read that.

Any finally, why did no one ever give me an exit interview???

Ok, so, cya.


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Saturday, December 23, 2006
ok so today really is saturday...
I think.
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Friday, December 22, 2006
read quickly then move on...
Nothing to see here! And there probably won't be till after Christmas. I know it's sad, but I've been spending time with my children and family, baking cookies, going shopping, making ornaments, playing games, all kinds of ungodly things that I surely won't let creep into my new year.

Although, January 2nd I start school.... and then there will be that for me to bitch about.

I mean, it is Saturday morning about 9:06 am and I am actually, seriously about to head out to Super Walmart, yes, the Saturday before Christmas. I've obviously gone insane.

Merry Christmas!
to you my dear readers
(all 10 of you, er I guess it's only 5 that I won't actually see on Christmas and be able to tell you then)

I leave you with this....

and just for the kiddies...

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Monday, December 18, 2006
gone to the dogs...
Oh to dream....


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Sunday, December 17, 2006
that's good grammer...
So I've been a lazy payperposter the last couple of weeks. I haven't done it on purpose, it's just been hard to get the alone time to blog. But this morning with my coffee n chainsaw I thought I'd troll the payperpost site to see what I find.

I found a funny thing to post. A friend, Bill, is about to have a baby and I see an opportunity for a baby name website. I just asked him Friday what the name was and he wasn't sure so I clicked on the opp to see what they required.

First it was a site for muslim baby names. So, I thought I could have a lil fun with Bill on that one till I see it requires a PR +4. So owh well. But I scroll down and see this, oh hell I'll let you all read it for yourselves....

I require people to blog about my website, the URL of which is http://www.muslim-names.co.uk. A link must be included in the blog post to the homepage of my site and the Anchor text used for this link is to be "Baby Names". A small review of my site of one paragraph is required along with the link (e.g. what you like/dislike about the site). The post must be free of spelling and grammer mistakes.

*still giggling*


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i shit you not....
I woke up too early this am. I wasn't sure why, at first....

I'm sitting in my liviing room, we don't have a large house, just a basic 3 bedroom ranch style. It is 7:15 am. I've been up for almost an hour. I'm sipping on my coffee (which is quite good btw, I bought some Folgers which we don't usually drink, but it was on sale, and I'm cheap and it's good).

Anyhoo... I'm sitting here and I hear this noise. It sounds like a chainsaw. It isn't unusual to hear this noise in our neighborhood. Afterall, our neighborhood is called CATALPA WOODS. But at 7:15 IN THE MORNING? Geesh. Someone is a busy lil beaver.

I keep reading my Google reader, see some good deals on slickdeals.net, but tell myself NO YOU'VE ALREADY BOUGHT THE KIDS ENOUGH CRAP! And I realize, that isn't a chainsaw...

That is Joe snoring.

No wonder I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep.


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Friday, December 15, 2006
the whole fam damily...
Or is it the whole damn... nevermind.

My sister decided to take us all to a WONDERFUL dinner for our Christmas presents. And, I can't say I was disappointed. Afterall, my two favorite things were involved, food and family! The place was just magnificent. I had Veal and Mushroom Ravioli, and taste tested every plate on the table, cause that's why eating out with family is so fun. I had a FABULOUS time, because my family is the bestest family there is.

Thanks sis and Scott. I love you guys.

So now, lets try to get a family picture! I was planning on using my timer on camera but a hostess stepped in and offered to help...

Showing her how to use the camera... (for full affect you must click on this)*still giggling*

Test shot... but alas my ass was too much in view and Scott was a bit out of view...

Ok people, get it together...

Although, I wouldn't recommend driving home with four adults and two kids with full bellies in a confined space. The windows were down for half the hour ride home.


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Sunday, December 10, 2006
one christmas thing down...
Twenty brazillian to go...

(edit: Sheila, it's not just a pic, click on it)


And don't forget the dogs!! This was no easy pic to get mind you. Note.to.self: Santa hats and dogs do NOT mix. Any why the heck is my type showing up over here?! I <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://bp0.blogger.com/_2an3x6D8xR4/RX6hy2EZqzI/AAAAAAAAAAM/-bbU-vcOrRA/s1600-h/100_2060.JPG">
I think this one is my favorite tho, even tho most would say its a botched shot.


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Saturday, December 09, 2006
the conversation...
I always have the best convos in the morning with my spouse. This one had a purpose, to let Joe know what we were doing today and that I didn't expect him to want to come. He's gone for 12 hours a day now with this new job, and I don't always get to inform him of plans made (or remember to).

I've always found it amusing how men and women can carry on a complete conversation and still not understand what the other is talking about.

Me: Just so you know we are going to Kim's today to make Christmas ornaments and the baby is staying the night. We are leaving at 1pm and you don't have to come.

Dickweed: Who's Kim?

Me: Kimberly

Dickweed: ........

Me: Kimberly G*****


Me: Kimberly, you know CHRIS AND KIM??

Dickweed: OH YAAAA, it just wasn't clicking. Well I thought we needed to put the car (the one we are selling) in your parents yard and go (grocery) shopping.

Me: We will have to do that tomorrow.

Dickweed: You want to do ALL that tomorrow??

LONG PAUSE to dwell in the IRONY

Me: Well, like I said we have made plans to go make ornaments with Kim today and I'm babysitting tonight. The car isn't ready to put out anyway, why don't you get those wheelcovers changed. (you know like you were supposed to LAST weekend.)

Dickweed: I'm not doing that today! That's not important.

Me: Well we can't put the car out till you do.

Dickweed: OH you mean THAT car.

Me: Ya I mean the car we have wheelcovers for, so if you get that done you can go drop it at my parents, then we can grocery shop tomorrow.

Dickweed: How would I get home?

Me: Ask my mom or dad to drive you back?

LONG PAUSE of Joe thinking of the consequences of him having to do something all by himself today and trying to think of a way to get me to stay home and do what he COULD do by himself.

Dickweed: What about groceries?! We NEED Groceries!!

Me: I'm going to make coffee.

I found out later that Joe was under the impression that we had no food in the house. After I showed him how I already have the next 3 nights dinners defrosting and what there was for breakfast, he is now happily eating and NOT talking. (thank f@$#ing god)

It is hard work.


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Friday, December 08, 2006
ode to hrbek - el crappe style...
Random Friday El Crappe...

Who says Planned Parenthood isn't helping our society?

Confused by all those annoying religions? Maybe this will help...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is me at a masquerade party with two hawt, mostly nekkid, (ghey) guys. Surprisingly, this pic isn't that old. (Halloween '05)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is VERY INTERESTING. Check it out.

I found Matt again... that dancin foo.

I like this too. It's just juvenile enough to make me giggle.

And, finally, why I love to blog.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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Thursday, December 07, 2006
merry christmas from anna...
We have a little tradition in our house of making up songs. I've done it with the girls since they were babies, and now they take after me of course. And well, this is better than the videos of the not so nice things they have picked up from ol mom.

I give you "Anna Improv"


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owl snot...
My girls had their "snow sense" on this morning. You know the 6th sense only children have that it snowed over night that makes them awake at the butt crack of dawn. It turned out to be a good thing, cause when I looked over to see how mean I needed to be to them (mommy mean factor increases for each 10 minutes of sleep loss) I saw I had neglected to set my alarm. Of course Maya informed me of the snow while I was taking my morning pee, cause well, that's when I get all of my children's "important" info.

I looked outside and saw it was just a little bit of snow and wasn't worried about it much. I didn't even bother to turn on the TV to see if school was delayed. Once we finished the morning routine and headed out in the pimp mo mini van, I realized that may have been a mistake. It didn't take long before I was sliding all over the place.

Every intersection was a cluster f#%k of traffic everyones inner bhavinio was coming out. The salt trucks had obviously not anticipated any amount of snow because I didn't see any evidence of them being out. At one point while driving approximately 10mph on a 4 lane road, the car in front of me started to swirve into the other lane, unfortunately there was a car there who's driver decided it would be better to slow down that to get out of the swirving car's way. Which caused all the traffic behind (yes that's me) to have to put on the brake's and start to swirve as well. Seems when the first snow comes, as small as it may be, everyone forgets how to drive in the snow.

Every school bus we saw was stuck in its tracks, on the side of the road, or on the road, it didn't matter. When they came to a stop they couldn't get going again because the roads were slicker than owl snot. (and can you believe I can't find a link to what owl snot is?!?!)

I was able to get my chillin's dropped off safely and saw my mom (who is the school nurse for my daughters campuses) at Anna's school. So I pulled in and had a chat with her since she isn't usually at Anna's school on Thursday's. She said it was so bad out she couldn't make it the extra 3 miles to the campus she was supposed to be at, so she decided to just make it to Anna's campus. And, I believed her, because it was really that bad out.

On my way home I saw 13 cars stuck on the side of the road and 8 school busses. When I got closer to my house, there was a school bus and a mini van wedged together between a light pole. No major damage because everyone was driving so slow, but you could tell they had just slid into that spot. Weird. And a guy that had gotten out to help couldn't even walk on the road! I saw him slip and fall on his bottom 3 times.

I did my good deeds for the day and stopped to see if a few people needed any help, but everything was under control and I kept trekkin home. I arrived at my last intersection, a 4 way stop, going a massive 5-10 MPH and when I came to a stop I slid right thru the intersection. Now THAT'S how you get your right of way! One more turn for me, and I notice a big ol truck behind me that finds it necessary to be attached to my bumper. I make the turn onto my street, which has a hill immediately after the turn, and the pick up truck follows me. Except, the pimp mo mini van doesn't want to go up the hill. Or at least the owl snot isn't condusive for hill climbing pimp van's. But this doesn't distract the pick up! He stays right on my bumper as I struggle up the hill, spinning and weaving till I finally make it up. GG traction control.

I always love it when my usual 20 minute trip takes an hour. But everyone is safe as a bug in a rug, so all is well with the world.


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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
i wanna be like matt...
You won't hear me say I want to be like a MALE very often, but this is what it takes....

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for sheila...
And any of you other geeks that like their wallpapers. I found this site with free wallpapers AND screensavers too AND they actually have some good ones.

Don't fret cause they will work with the widescreen too, check this out...

To make it easier for you, we try to automatically select the best size wallpaper for your desktop. You can, however, change this selection.

Select a Size:

  • 640x480
  • 800x600
  • 1024x768
  • 1280x1024
  • 1600x1200
I like easy! And of course... they are FREE! They have lots of different categories such as calendars, christmas etc. to choose from. AND it's all syware and adware free.

You will however, if you choose to download their products, be asked to provide some personal information such as your name, birthdate and email address--that information will not be distributed to other parties and you can opt-out of receiving any newsletters from American Greetings during this sign up process. I can live with that.

Here is an example:

I also saw a screensaver that's a fireplace! me likey.


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the great car fiasco...
So, I promised I'd get around to posting this and here it is.

When Joe got laid off it brought up a car issue. Joe drove a company car, so we decided to sell off our Jimmy to get rid of a car payment and insurance payment and save ourselves $300 a month rather than get gas costs reimbursed thru his pay. So, naturally when he was laid off, we were short a car.

We decided to hold off till he landed something to buy a little junker that would get him to work and back. But, when he did land something I started looking immediately, because I was left at home with no car till we did. My mom had suggested an auto auction so I decided to try one of those out. I got online, found out there was one the next day. So, I did my research on the cars avaliable and headed to the auction.

This story could take hours to type out so here is the short version:
  • the women running the office at the auction were evil.
  • I bid on the wrong car
  • I left with a 1995 PURPLE Chevy Cavalier with 148k miles on it, no radio, a cracked windsheild and it wouldn't start.
  • I go to get 30 day tags and it only took 3 trips (with no tags on the car, and couldnt shut the car off cause I couldnt start it again)
  • dropped it off to get the starter fixed, found out theres no way Joe can drive this car an hour each way to work because of an engine problem
  • buy a Honda the next day after test driving it for 30 mins w NO probs NO sounds etc etc except noticing it needs new tires.
  • drive the honda to my moms that night to pick up annas backpack and the exhaust pipe falls off.
  • driving the chevy to go get fixed I get stuck at a gas station with the kids in the car when it won't start again after getting gas.
  • Joe rescues me.
  • We have a car for sale.
3k later I now have two shitty cars and one is for sale. All in all it was a good weekend, dontcha think?


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Just cause the holidays are coming around, I wanted to give a little reminder. I had my brother ask me about this not too long ago and couldn't remember the link to theonline coupons site I had mentioned before.

My favorite ones are the ones for buy.com. I found this site using another great site, slickdeals.net (this is a MUST visit btw.. I even have a RSS feed on this site), but there are additional online coupons here too!

So, HO HO HO, go spend some money.


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i'm um genius...
Last week was a tough one. I actually had to WORK (gasp, choke), I was a lil stressed over this math stuff and Friday I came down with a stomach flu (or some sickness that caused me to think I was going to die with my head in the toilet).

But I did manage to get some help with my mathtardness. I had lots of people offer answers to the problems a couple posts earlier, and to you I say
"Bite Me".

Answers don't help the mathtarded! Do we need special legislation?! Then there were the few that wanted to try to get something out of my down falls, "So, do you want me to answer these? Is there some sort of prize?" and to you I say
"If you want free money, go play THE HAMMER".

And then there were the angels of math, coming to my rescue. And to you I say
"We placed into Math 101 baybee!"

That's right. I pwn math (with the help of friends). It was a bit scary tho. When I got to the placement testing I was handed a review quiz before I started and here were a couple of the questions on the quiz:
Three people who work full time are to work together on a project, but their total time on the project is to e dquivalent to that of only one person working full time. If one of the people is budgeted for one-half of his time to the project and a second person for one-third of her time, what pert of the third worker's time should be budgeted to this project?
A. 13
B. 35
C. 16
D. 18

That's right folks. We are solving for a fraction and none of the options are fractions! Now how the hell am I supposed to answer that? I even went and complained about this one. Total BS.

A. 9x2-4y2
B. 9x2+4y2
C. 9x2+4y2-6xy
D. 9x2+4y2-12xy

And, NO, the 2 after the parentheses is not ^2... it is TWO!

So now I was getting pretty nervous and knew I was bound to bomb. I asked to take the Math section first to get it over with. I got thru the first section pretty easily. It was pretty basic stuff that J had helped me review this past week and I was able to finish it pretty quickly. In fact there were only 3 questions on this part that gave me trouble:
What percent of x is 20% of 110% of x?
A. 2.2
B. 5.5
C. 22
D. 55

I guessed 2.2, cause that may as well be hieroglyphs.
How many fifts are there in 3.6?
A. 180
B. 18
C. 7.2
D. 0.72

This one I tried to be rational, seems like an easy question, but for some reason it stumped me. I figured I need to make some kind of fraction and divide, but I went with this reasoning '1/5 goes into 3, 15 times...' so I went with B.
If 40 is 20% of a number then the number is what percent of 40?
A. 500%
B. 200%
C. 80%
D. 20%

I did some kind of made up math to try to figure this one out. My answer to my fake problem had a 5 in it, so I went with 500%.

Then onto the 2nd section... which was ALGEBRA! ewwwwwww. Many more on this section stumped me. There were ALOT of things that weren't even on the practice tests. For example
8z^2+cz+35=(4z+7)(2z+5) solve for c
A. 7
B. 14
C. 28
D 34

No comment.
And tons of problems like this, that I had no clue about. All worded the same way just different equations.
Which of the following is equal to x^2-5x+6?
A. (x-2)(x-3)
B.. (x-2)(x+3)
C. (x+6)(x-1)
D. (x-6)(x+1)

I mean they don't even give good stuff to guess from!! I went with C on this particular one.

And my favorite of the entire test:
Tara made x/y dollars baby sitting. Joe made x-y/y dollars. Lynn made 2/3 as much as Tara. If they pool their money together, how much will they have?
A. 8x-3/y
B. 2x/y -1
C. 5x-1/y
D. 8x/3y -1

I guessed B.

Now for all of you that aren't completely bored with this post yet there's more!! After the Math sections I looked back to check on my friend Heather and she wasn't at her seat. After doing so awful on that second section I thought I was doomed, and I still had to take the English sections before I could see how I scored. Since I could take a break whenever I wanted I decided to go out of the testing area and check on her. She only had to take the Math portions. She was finished and had recieved her scores and told me she only had to take the first section. Which was good news for me! Because that meant you only took a 2nd section if you did well enough on the first! So now I was a bit excited.

I got thru the English in about 20 minutes for 3 sections and of course my scores showed I should take honors English classes. Just a lil note to all of you that think I'm an all around idiot!!

But of course for every victory there is a challenge that awaits. I found out after my testing when I went to register for my classes, that because of the ONE QUARTER of classes I took at Sinclair TEN YEARS AGO (that's right 1996) and I withdrew from, I'M ON ACADEMIC PROBATION. Which means I can't register for any of my classes with out a signature from a counselor. Might not sound like a big deal, but it also means if I want classes, I have to first wait in line for a counselor and 2nd wait in line to register. And the one class that's full? When a space opens in it, I have to go do it all over again.

Ah yes, now I remember why I hated school so much.

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Cheap sheet for the holidays...
Have you ever tried out one of those ecards sites? You know the ones where the cards wish your friend or enemy a "ROOOOAAAARING good BIRTHDAY!" or a "Happy Holly-day", and all sorts of other cheesy non-funny wishes.

Well not anymore. Now you can get animated Christmas cards that are a little more, um, grown up.

Like this one, where you learn how the elves got to be such ladies men.

Or this one, where there are SNAKES ON A SLEIGH!

You can find that "special" card for all your loved ones out of their wide selection of funny, risque, off-color animated Christmas eCards.

Now, of course there is one catch. They do make you get a subscription to this service which is $13.99 to send unlimited cards for a year. BUT if you want to use this for the Holiday's you can take advantage of the 30 Day Free Trial Membership. (If you choose to sign up for a free trial membership, you will be asked to provide personal information including name, email address and credit card number. Your personal information will not be distributed to other parties and you can opt-out of receiving any newsletters from Egreetings during this sign up process.)

Or you can just do what I did and browse thru all their Christmas eCards for a good laugh!!


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