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Thursday, April 17, 2008
for the love of...
I broke my toe, and it hurts like hell. My girls were upstairs in the bath screaming like banchees (wtf is a banchee anyhow?) so I had to go up and set them straight. On my way down I slipped with about 5 steps left and my foot went a-flying into my elliptical machine that sits at the bottom of the stairs.

This was the result of the collision.


Hot, I know.

But the most exciting news of my week is that construction has started on my new home. Next time I'm over I will be snapping some pics. I had told my brother in law (Scott) that the only request I had was for my shower to have some sort of ledge in it for me to prop my foot on when I shave my legs. In my parents house there is no ledge, and the stand up shower is quite small. So... I have to take a shower and THEN go up to their bathtub and shave my legs. My mom was over there Tuesday and the first thing in is my shower, and from what I hear it has TWO SEATS in it and I can't wait to use it!


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Wednesday, April 02, 2008
so anyhoo...
I started back to school yesterday, my schedule is as follows:

Not too bad, the hardest part will be making an awesome flash final from last quarter. I'm also sitting in on my professors class from 4-4:45 on Tues/Thurs until I'm done. I would also like to find something to replace that online English class, as I think it will suck balls. NTTAWWT. The beginning self defense class on Saturdays is actually Judo/Jiujitsu. I am pretty excited about taking it, but considering the news that is coming next in this blog post, I may have to drop that class.


Now, calm down. It isn't a spectacular job, or a job even remotely close to what I want to do. But, the pay is good, and the hours are MWF, and allow me to still take my kids to school in the morning. So, I took it. I will be your friendly neighborhood dental office receptionist. Right in the middle of the ghetto. At least I'll have no shortage of hook up offers.

The only catch to the job is that my BFF since the 6th grade not only will be working with me, but she will be my boss! (see pics from previous post, that is whom I speak of) I think it will be a good time. Heather and I respect each other enough to know the boundaries... I THINK.

Thursday night I'm off on an over night field trip with Maya to the Indianapolis Zoo. We are sleeping over night in the dolphin habitat, and I'm not gonna lie, mama is excited. There isn't much better than re-living your childhood thru your children! (ya I know, stfu)

I've been wanting to add on to this photo all month and keep forgetting. I've only lost 10-15lbs since my last pic, but I wanted to do one last update until July 1st. Holler.

This picture is titled, "Where, O Where, Have My Boobles Gone".

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