"...Baby I'm hungry - I want and I need - Bring me your sugar - And pour it all over me baby...."

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
miss me?
Hell, I miss me, so y'all must be out of your minds!!!

You know what I <3? height="355" width="425">

I also found this, evidently at some point in my life I wanted my body to be blushy and shimmery. And then, on top of that, figured I'd want it to be blushy and shimmery again at some point, and held onto it. Good thinkin' me!!

Now, I just need to find someone that wants to see me blushy and shimmery. I'm taking applications.

PS: new song again at top, listen to it soon, cause I already found something to replace it with :P

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008
Since that is all I use my blog for anymore, now is a good time for it!! The 101 things I should be doing right now can wait.

My "mini van mom" days are over. The van has been sold, and I am now driving a ULEV. I miss my van horribly, but I do feel about 5 years younger when I drive this car, and that's a PLUS. I just need to get some window tintage (so I LOOK 5 years younger too) and I'll be kickin' it. Holler. My chicks seem to dig the new wheels (a Honda Civic, btw) but we will see how they feel when there are no movies to watch on the next road trip.

I am about to move into my mom and dad's basement, which would make me feel about 10 years younger, except for the fact that my two kids are going with me. So instead, it will pry age me 10 years. It is just temporary till Maya finishes her school year out, but still, gl me!!

I kicked zooks ass in this. I don't wanna rub it in too much, so that's all I have to say about that :P

My chicks and I are starting Jiu Jitsu lessons today. I just wanna grapple with hot dudes, sfobv. Submit hot dude FTW.

Still no job, I even interviewed with a florist. I must seem like I'm not the flowery type, who knew.

Storyboards suck ass.

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