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Monday, July 31, 2006
Day Three...
Well first I wanna make a couple notes about day two, things I noticed while playing. First, I wasnt nervous at all. Strangely, since Ive seen the WSOP on tv so many times I felt like Id been there before, played with these players. Especially after the first round too, because I realized I play with players as good or better than these every day.

Another thing is the bag n tag at the end of the day. This was a freaking mess. Here we have played for 16 hours and we have to wait around another hour for 1000 idiot men (no offense guys) to try to follow instructions. Of course I was about to pee my pants and had my chips done in approx 5 mins. The rest of the time I was tortured by watching a room full of grown men try and figure out how to close a bag. Them,"Do we put the blue card in the bag?" Me, "Ya, he said it like 4 times, put it in the bag with your chips then close it" Another guy,"No, you keep your blue card" Me, "vv/e we are gonna be here all damn night" they all close their bags WITHOUT the blue card, turney director walks around ... Them, "Excuse me sir, are we supposed to put the blue card in the bag? TD "YES, I SAID IT ALMOST TEN TIMES GUYS, PUT THE DAMN BLUE CARD IN YOUR BAG......." idiots.

Ok so Sunday... I woke up about 11am after getting to sleep around 5am. I wasnt happy about this, nor did I want to get up, but as usual I dont have control over it. Dave was still asleep so I decided to go grab some coffee and post in my blog (see last post)). I finally got Dave to pull his ass out of bed around 4pm. We were gonna head over to Bellagio for the buffet then over to Rio to check on Mike and meet up with Dewey.

We ended up changing plans and heading straight over to Rio instead. We walked around the booths and loaded up on free schwag again, then walked around to get more pics and see more people. I got pics with Louie Anderson, Gavin Smith, Humberto brenes, Todd Brunson and the mecca of all pics..... JEAN ROBERT BELLANDE! All 4 guys were super nice, specially Gavin and Jean.

I tried to get a pic with TJ Cloutier, but hes an ASSSS! Hes on my bad list now.

Then I met up with Dekker and we all went to the Rio Buffet. I had never seen anything like this in my entire life!! I mean, this wasnt just a buffet, this was a food museum, that you get to eat. Ive never seen so much food. And it was delicious. So we pigged out then went to check on Mike Six over at the turney, he had doubled up off of pokerho and I was pleased!!! He was sitting at 19k and we wanted to stick around for more but the observer situation just really sucks at the Rio.

So we headed to the Bellagio. This was an impressive place. We got there just in time to see the fountains, then went inside. A total ZOO and definitely the biggest casino Ive seen so far. I have no words to describe it, but I can see why its considered the "mecca" of all casinos. Of course I bee lined straight back to the poker room and you wont believe who was playing
Table 1- Chip Reese, Phil Ivey, Sammy Farha, Gus Hansen and Eli Elezra.
Table 2 - David Oppenheim, Phil Hellmuth, Chiau Giang, Ming Le, Barry Greenstein.
I almost fainted. Phil had his wife sitting right next to him, it was kinda cute! So we headed out to the bar to be nosy and get free drinks and play video blackjack.

We saw Chau Giang and Ming Le come out to smoke, I said hi to Ming, then Phil Hellmuth walks out. We were about ten feet from him and my brother and I both said "HI PHIL!" He glanced at us and half waved. I was already out of my seat to go say hello, he had a guy with him who looked like his agent or something, Phil had started to walk away and his agent was looking at me and asked Phil to come back and say hello to us. Phil said NO! What a jerk off.

We finished up our drinks, headed out of the bellagio and my bro took a few pics of Dekker and I at the Bellagio. What an experience, Im definitely going back before I leave!!! Dekk headed over to the Alladin which is just across the street and Dave and I headed for a cab. The line was too long so I suggested we walk across the street to the Paris and get a cab there. We walked thru the Paris casino first, it was really nice. These casinos are amazing. Then we headed home. When we got back to the hotel and paid the cabby Dave asked me for $7 to go buy cigarettes and the cabby says "dont pay $7 for smokes, Ill drive you around the corner for free and you can buy them there" we thought that was pretty cool of him until we got to the destination. Seedy at best and for a second our ghetto instincts kicked in and we thought we were getting swindled, but we came out alive.

What a great day!!! One more day till I get to double up!
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  • At 6:05 AM, Blogger CailtyssRulien

    ya know, thanks for posting about the bag and tag..i've always wondered what that was like at the end of the night. Very good writing T I like that you touch on teh aspects of the wsop that soem of us have, and most likely will never get to see, thanks for that. I'd like to know what you were thinking when you busted the guy out tho, that had to be a great feeling, if ya get a chance to write about it.

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