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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
hell = heaven
So, I just spent my first night camping. I awoke from my "bed", which in the advertisement should have been called a two inch thick mattress that feels like you`re sleeping on a wooden floor. The kids were still sleeping and I decided to open my laptop and start working on my Chicago post in word. That way when I got to vegas I could just do a cut n paste and add some pictures. And to my amazement, on an island in the middle of lake Erie, in the middle of the woods, I HAVE A WI FI SIGNAL!

I take it all back... there is a God. And He careth for me.

The connection is a bit slow however, so I will still save my Chicago post for when I have a better connection!

What Ive learned so far...

1. Im too old, even at 29, to sleep on a wooden board with a 2 inch thick, plastic sheeted mattress. Especially one that I found a condom underneath as it was obviously meant for youngins with a better back than I.

2. Just because you`re on a mile wide island, does not mean you can see the water from wherever you may be.

3. The day before trash day, following a weekend, is not a good time to be confined on an island.

4. A big lake that kinda looks like the ocean, is still a smelly lake when in Ohio.

5. Going fishing sounds alot funner than it is.

6. Renting a golf cart for $14 an hour is sometimes worth it.

7. Sometimes having only 2 days left on vacation, is a good thing.

gg Middle Bass Island.
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  • At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Zooks

    He he he... god bless wi-fi... a small slice of civilization.