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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
I finished my quarter at school. Well, kinda.

I actually got an extension on my Flash final from my fantabulous professor (if there is a god, I hope she blesses that woman). I did finish my Director final, and have it uploaded to my web server if you would like to check it out.

There is an .osx file for the Mac goobers, and an .exe file for the PC goobers. Just FYI, this project was done on a Mac, and I noticed that the .exe file isn't quite right. A few of the fonts (altho embedded into the .exe file) are completely fuckered. So, don't be a hater and look at the fuckered fonts, just check out the interactivity. One last thing, both of the files have a little quirk on the FTP ad, and Ima laugh when you all click on it :)

Also, there is an "easter egg" hidden in the program and when/if you find it, it features Huckles von Chuckles.

My Director final consisted of creating a digital, interactive magazine DVD. I, of course, chose a poker magazine and here are some pics of my packaging.

So, I worked on that for a week straight, then went out Friday night to a comedy club here called The Funnybone. It was a good show with Tim Wilson.

Anyhoodles, this week is loaded with job hunting and catch up work, fun fun fun for everyone. I finally got sick of looking at my hideous "T's Spot" graphic and took it down (if you hadn't noticed). Hopefully I'll get something more design savvy up this week.


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Wednesday, March 05, 2008
holy mcfucklesons!!!
That is such a great word, IS. IT. NOT?! I hardly think any of you are prepared to argue that point with me at all.

So, I shall proceed.

I was at my sister's Friday night and my BFF, Heather, stopped by for dinner. She and I were discussing some of my "dates" as of late, and my brother-in-law seemed a bit shocked, so I thought I'd get it out there as not to shock anymore people.

I'm still "married", and I'm "seeing" other people. I use the terms in quotage lightly, just sayin'.

There, ya have it.

Next on the agenda, my fat ass.

February was a slow month for me, but I didn't gain any weight, so I'm glad about that. No steps backward = I'm still going forward. So, this month I am starting my journey to shedding my final poundages. By July 1st (the day I started in 2007) I want to be ~35lbs lighter than I am now, which would put me at a total weight loss of ~100lbs.

HOLY MCFUCKLESONS. Put your hatorade away.

Notice I am giving myself plenty of time to accomplish this, because I realize these last pounds (especially that last 10) are most likely gonna be a big ass bitch. Holler. And don't worry Sheila, ass soon as my jeans I have now don't fit, I'll be placing my custom couture order :)

Next on the agenda, finding someone to pay for my boob job. Wanna make another bet Sheila??? :)

Oh and PS - School is putting a big butt kickin' on me this quarter. I'm all bruised up, but if I ever have anything good to tell, you will be the first to know.

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