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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
woe is me...
Oh the pains of life, my laptop is gone.

I had to ship it off today to ProSys, the people contracted with Aflac to fix our computers under warranty. Yesterday, I unplugged the adapter, sat down on the deck and WHAMMO my display started scrolling and flickering. I re started and it came back up at first, then the flickering started again. Re started, again, and it all went to hell. I thought it was the graphics card at first, but after plugging it into another monitor I realized it is probably just a short in the wiring to the display, because it worked on the other monitor.

So now, it is off into no mans land. I spent most of my day backing up my data, since the first thing ProSys does is wipe my system out and re image the drives.

Luckily I can gank the husbands work laptop and connect remotely into the desktop for some of the time, but still, it is a sad sad day.
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