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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
don't touch me there Sheila!!
I was tagged by Sheila, and it is actually a good thing because I was working on a post for my THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY "30 things you didn't know about me". I got bored about #11 and stopped. Besides, if it bored me, imagine how much you will hate it.

So, I guess this is some sort of evil chain mail type thing and I'm supposed to TAG some other people....

So give it to me, SEVEN things I didn't know about YOU: I tag VINCE, LILLIAN, SQUIB, STEELER AND DRSUCKOUT

Oh and here's mine, but you get 11 things, cause I just happened to have it handy. (you may or may not get the other 19 tomorrow)

#1 – I was born in Dayton, Maryland, and when I was 3 months old we moved to Dayton, Ohio. My parents were so risky!

#2 – When I was little my nick name was TT. Ya, TT. In fact, some people that have known me since then (ie: family and old family friends) still call me that. It was derived from my bad walking skills when a toddler. Evidently I wobbled back n forth (or waddled) and it reminded my mom of a Weeble Wobble, which dawned the nickname Teebletobbles but she don’t tobble down. Or in short TT. And, in fact, that’s why people call me “T” to this day. I remember my mom telling me stories about when people would call me Teresa when I was a kid, and I’d say “My name isn’t Teresa, it’s TT”.

#3 – I am the youngest of 3 children, I have an older brother Dave (4 yrs my elder) and an older sister, Bethany, who is 1 year and 5 months older.

#4 – I was an “OOPS” baby, not an accident mind you, a SURPRISE! So, this is a lesson to all you moms that may have recently given birth, you CAN get pregnant while nursing.

#5 – I sucked my thumb till I was about 8, and my parents have the dentist bills to prove it. I was suckered (pun intended) into quitting by my parents promising me a trip to Hawaii if I would quit. I came back to them saying, that if I could have my birthday party that year at Disney World we had a deal. Now, imagine an 8 year olds idea of a birthday party at Disney World. We are talking Mickey Mouse and Cinderella singing me Happy Birthday. But instead, I got a trip to Disney World, no birthday party there. I was so conned, but I haven’t sucked my thumb since.

#6 – In the second grade I got married to Matt Haupt. Wonder what he’s up to, I think I should look him up for alimony.

#7 – In the 4th grade I broke my arm on a skateboard, and my mom didn’t take me to the doctor for a week. She thought I was faking.

#8 – I was a tomboy when a kid, and my mom kept my hair short cause I was always getting it tangled etc, which in turn made people think I was a boy. My comeback when I was called a “he” on a daily basis was “I’m a girl, DUH, I have ears pierced!”

#9 – I was the preacher’s kid till I was 15. It was a bleak existence that warped me for the rest of my life. We remind my parents of it daily.

#10 – I snuck out of my house for the first time when I was 13. I kept an old chair outside my window to climb down on when doing my sneaking. One night I forgot to put the chair back and my Dad found it outside my window. My excuse was that I was cleaning the windows. When he noticed they were still dirty, I said, “Well, a friend came over just as I was getting started and I forgot about it”. He believed me till about a month later when I was brought home by the cops after we had snuck out again and the guy who was driving us got pulled over and taken to jail. OOPS.

#11 – My best friend Heather was with me during the above incident. After it, my parents told my school they didn’t want Heather and I in the same classes anymore. It was their futile attempt to make us not be friends. Despite the next 4 years of high school being in different classes, we are still friends to this day.


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  • At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Dr. Suckout, aka Twin C

    Holy crap! Tagged! Sorry for the delay - the Polenblog has been down for a little while.

    Seven things you don't know about me? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

    1. I once worked as a dishwasher for Red Lobster. This is perhaps one of the grossest jobs a teenager can have. Every night you go home soaking wet, smelling like a dead fish.

    2. Similar to your #8, I was once called "little girl" by a teacher who didn't know me when I was in the first grade. I'm still not sure why - maybe I needed a haircut?

    3. I have a BA in psychology and a minor in theater from my university. My GPA overall was a 3, and my GPA in my major was a 2. Think that means something?

    4. I was conceived in Philadelphia, but born in Poughkeepsie. My dad's an eye doctor, and found a new practice in the midst of mom's pregnancy. I can't imagine that was much fun.

    5. My three younger brothers and I were all "accidents" - mom was using some sort of contraceptive for all of us. Often it was a diaphragm - her friends used to ask her "were you wearing it on your head?"

    6. The four of us are all in NYC, and we all play poker - you can usually find at least two of us playing at a Sunday night game (which is why I always miss the PokerSlut tour).

    7. I once had breakfast with the guitarist from the pop band "Frente!" Remember their cover of "Bizarre Love Triangle"? Anyway, I snuck backstage after a show of theirs and invited them all to breakfast. The guitarist actually came! His name was Simon, and he was awesome. We sat for hours talking about music and pop culture. Very cool. In retrospect, he might have thought that I was hitting on him. I hope not.

    That's all I've got, for now. Where's everyone else's answers?